Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quote of The Week 2 Results and Hurry!

The winner by default is MyLittleMegara! (She was the only one who entered.)

What do you request MyLittleMegara?

Next Quote: "Your lack of confidence disturbs me."

I love this quote!

Also, Hurry: A Barefoot Gal is having a sort-of-giveaway! She's doing something incredibly cool, so go to her blog and scroll down to see it! :) Ya know ya wanna!



  1. Thanks for posting! What is the Quote of the Week?

  2. Again? HAHAHA! Okay, well, I want to see Isabelle dressed up for Halloween! And the other girls, too, if they want to. :)

    1. PERFECT! I must have known you'd ask that, because yesterday I dressed them all up in their costumes


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