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Adventures of an Unemployed Dragoncologist

Title: Adventures of an Unemployed Dragoncologist
I refer to it as: Dragoncoloist
Genre: MG fantasy/fiction... maybe slightly allegorical? We'll see where it goes.
Synopsis: Tilley Rosenfield is an eighteen-year-old cultural oddity. She spends most of her time avoiding people and freeing dragons- which is illegal, by the way. When sixteen-year-old Rachel and her older brother Charlie end up tagging along on Tilley's run from the authorities, she has to learn something she had never put much stock into learning before: People skills. But will people help her and her dragons, or endanger them?
Wordcount: 8,987 (but constantly growing!)


  1. I love all the snippets on the graphic!! XD

    1. Thanks, Anika! Strangely, they're all Tilley and Rachel quotes... They're secretly my favorites. Don't tell anyone.

  2. Ahhh!!!!! It looks SOO cool!!! Sounds awesome! I can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks, Shuffle! Can't wait to read yours. :)


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