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I'm a Christian, and therefore every day I strive to honor God in everything I do. I'd like that to go for my blog also, so please:

DON'T: Put personal information in comments! I won't be able to post them if they include last names, zip codes, postal addresses, phone numbers, or anything of that sort! And because I love comments, let's try to make all comments post-able!

DON'T: Don't use curse words- and I'd prefer to keep "OMG" at a minimum. We want to keep this blog clean and God-honoring!

DON'T: Fight! If you fight I have an army of dragons. I will use them. Okay, maybe not. But still.

DO: Be kind! I love nice comments!

DO: Feel free to leave constructive criticism. I need it like crazy.

DO: Enjoy this blog! That's why I'm here! Okay, not why I'm here, but it's why the blog is here.


  1. Hi! I'm Allison from a Farm Girl's Life. Josie and I were wondering if you wanted to enter the WordCrafters challenge, or if you were just wondering if anyone could enter. Thanks! :D

    1. I was thinking about entering, and was wondering if it was too late. Is it?

  2. Hello. ANonymousA! I was wondering how you put up the word count widget on Blogger? Btw, love your blog! Thanks!


    1. Add an 'HTML' gadget on your sidebar and paste your widget there. :)

  3. Hi! I'm Mirra, from A Young Writer's dream. Can you follow my blog, please?


Your comments make my day! Please feel free to chat, ask questions, tell me I'm a lunatic, etc. Just remember to keep it clean and God-honoring!