Friday, November 17, 2017

NANO UPDATE {In Which I Have an Inferiority Complex}

'Sup, earthlings and extraterrestrials.

Say the sky.

Actually, when my friends ask what's up, I just  copy+paste the definition of 'up' .  Admit it, it makes sense.
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IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION that I may have an inferiority complex. In that, strangely, I am unhappy with my 25k wordcount goal. If I had the time to go for the full 50k I would?? But with school and life I can't??
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 Therefore, life is always the culprit. When in doubt blame life in general and buy espresso, not even kidding.

But, believe it or not, I am not a blog dedicated to coffee. I am a blog dedicated to--
what am I dedicated to??
Uh.... Forget I said anything. I'm mostly a book blog so let's talk about MY book! Today I'll be sharing some excerpts and I'm sure you're very excited.

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If you'll recall my book is basically a bunch of sarcastic, coffee-addicted superheroes who fail at life. So far I have about 13k and a chapter and a half?? So.... I'm a bit underwhelmed by myself, tbh.

All of my books have 'sisterly love' which you can blame on my sisters. Idk about my brother. He'll show up occasionally. Siblings are great! But also not great because they steal your coffee and spam your phone and break your LEGO buildings but I digress. (I may have shared this snippet before?? #oops) 

“I don’t want to help you, but because of reasons I have to, dang it.” A female voice, familiar… yet at the same time, totally alien.
There is a moment of silence. “I’m sorry?” Violette finally manages.
“You should be. But I digress. I’ll be parked out front in five minutes.”
“Who… are you?”
“I’m your sister, sweetie, get with the program. Four minutes. Grab the soap from the bathroom and come out before I have to make you come out.”
Violette stands, dumbly.
There is a sigh from the phone speaker. “Come out or I’ll set the whole building on fire, alright?”
Violette has no other choice than to grab the soap and head outside.  

VIOLETTE AND LACETTE HAVE THE BEST SISTER RELATIONSHIP. "Come out or I'll set the whole building on fire" is me @ my younger sisters most of the time. Or maybe it's my younger sisters @ me. I don't know, man.  Either way works.

also LIFE JUICE AND HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE REFERENCES FOR THE WIN (context: violette is an inter-dimensional and trans-time traveler)
“Coffee?” Ariana says, holding out a mug to Violette. Violette wrinkles her nose in slight disgust.
“What do you have against life juice?” Ariana asks, pouring the contents of the mug she offered into her own mug. It fills to nearly overflowing. Violette waits for it to spill as Ariana brings it to her lips. It does not. Violette is mildly disappointed.
After a few quiet sips, Ariana speaks up again. “So, tell me, can you change forms? Do you ever feel like, say… a mouse?”
Violette narrows her eyes. “I have no idea. I doubt it. Why?”
“Oh, no reason,” Ariana says innocently.

I see now why everyone thinks I'm actually a coffee appreciation blog...

BUT ANYWAYS. Be quiet, Effie. 

LUCAS x VIOLETTE for LIFE MAN. It's the one ship I've made somewhat canon. NO, SOPHIE, NOT THE UNSPEAKABLE. stop it. STOP IT.

The Incendiary sees them first. Sees her first. Violette Smith. The Accidental. Fire, justice, life worth living— these flash through his mind. He smiles, widely, before sobering into an impassive, expressionless visage. The only thing that remains of the fire is in his eyes.
His bright, amber eyes.
Evan tries to meet them, then looks away quickly.
“Inter-dimensional…” he begin
“Trans-time travelers,” Ariana finishes, in whisper.
Violette sees the same thing as Lucas. The Incendiary and The Accidental, saving the entire world, and watching Star Wars, in 1975.
It’s beautiful to her.
It’s deadly to him.
He hates it, she loves it. He loves it, and that is exactly why he hates it. It simply can’t be that way. Not this time, at least. 

Evan and Ariana are platonic. PLATONIC. Very platonic. The MOST platonic. 

NaNo Forums cause all sorts of fun.... and procrastination...
Ah, coffeemaker, how dost I love thee. 
How great thou smelt, in thine coffee-flav'rd dreams!
 I shall fore'r be thine, if thou shalt fore'r be mine! 
How dost I love thee? I shall count the ways-
espresso, mocha, macchiato-- enough to last for days!
Thou art special, thou art sweet,
I think thine coffee is rather neat.

I don't even know xD

Sophie is beating me asdfjkl. My competitive nature cannot handle this. Send help and chocolate. And espresso. Lots. of. espresso.

But anyways, I have to go back to writing now...

How's your NaNo going?? What's up? How do you like coffee?

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  1. Your snippets are so fun to read! <3 Best of luck on NaNo! Be happy with 25k, I mean, how many people actually write that much in a month?

    ~ Ella Marie

    1. aww, thanks! and it is important for me to keep it in perspective xD


    ...I exact my revenge.

  3. I love that you're writing about sisters! SISTER STORIES ARE SO GREAT. (I just finished reading one haha and now I'm realising how few are out there?!) Also YAY SNIPPETS. And I totally understand about wanting to push yourself and succeed more but not having the time to do it. 🙈 I hope school is treating you well!

    1. There are so many brother stories and cousin stories?? But not many sister stories?? Idk, man. And school is... well... let's just stay I'm surving xD

  4. The GIFS in this post were great, you’re hilarious, and that COFFEE POEM OH EM GOODNESS XD
    P.S. We watched Moana for the thousandth time last night. Every time Shiny starts playing I think of you. XD

    1. xD thanks, Jaclynn! The coffee poem was fun *laughs* The YWP is a... fun place. xD

      *whispers* shiny like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck


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