Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How To (Actually) Survive NaNo (I Promise This Isn't Actually Helpful)

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!

NaNo, as I've stated before, approaches. It comes quickly. Like a Mongolian army.

And apparently I'm helping you survive it. If you remember my NaNo 101 series, I attempted to be serious and helpful and it was awful so. I'm here with my real advice.

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also embrace the probability of your imminent death and know in your heart that there's nothing I can do to save you.

But no, actually, that is the best advice I can really give you. There's nothing you can do except survive it. I can't help you. No one cane. It's up to you to slam those words down on that page. I do have some other things to say, though.

  • Know where the coffee pot is. Or teapot, or soda fountain or whatever. Know where the caffeine is, even if you think you won't need it. Trust me, sweetie, you will. 
  • Hide things from yourself. Books, Netflix, fidget spinners, knives- um. ahem. no knives.
  • Stock up on things. Soup, dark chocolate, the tears of your characters....
  • ONLY LOOK AT HELPFUL THINGS ON PINTEREST you're ignoring me, aren't you
  • Embrace the probability of your imminent death and know in your heart that there's nothing I can do to save you. i'm sorry but- no i'm not sorry.
  • Come up with headcanons for your otp- FROM YOUR STORY. As much as I want to make up a lot of Hayffie headcanons... no. I must... focus... on NaNo
  • FOCUS. I know that's the worst thing in the history of everything but you have to. Sorry, Billy.

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this was mostly me wanting to include Billy somehow.

#Theorythatmyblogisrunbyrodents ahem.The most important thing is the coffee, obviously. Clearly.

IF YOU ARE THE FRIEND OF A WRIMO: Don't kill your friends. If they offer to let you read their work-in-the-progress, don't edit plot or grammar, just comment on what's good so far within moderation. Make them coffee. Or chai. Buy them food and make sure that they actually eat it. Let them throw chairs and stuff but don't let them have knives. They might stab their computer. Steal them for a movie night one weekend and force them to take their mind off of it for at least an hour. Become their personal slave- hehe, never mind.

By to the way, man: starting NaNo, you're one of these gifs:

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Image result for hunger games gifs

Both of these are WRONG because you SHOULD be afraid, but you DO have a chance of winning. Don't be Katniss or Peeta. Or Gale either for that matter. Or Snow. Don't be Cinna because of spoilers. Don't be Prim because of spoilers. Basically be Effie or Haymitch. Ooh... wait, no, they won't really work either... Uh... hehe, my analogy has some problems but be quiet. Here's some coffee. Effie dresses fabulously but annoys me, Haymitch gets to sass people to death but also has depression issues....

Okay, so just be yourself and also don't let NaNo kill you. Have fun. Drink coffee.

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SO YES, NaNoWriMo = the Hunger Games, I suck at being helpful and I have embraced my suckiness, and my blog is run by hyperactive rodents. Glad we cleared that up. I'm going to go find some coffee. And pizza. But mostly coffee. See ya, kids!

Are you ready for NaNo? Hunger Games = NaNo, yes?  IS MY BLOG RUN BY RODENTS? are my blogging skills rusty since I've been gone for a long time?

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  1. This post was super-helpful and honest xD

    (and I actually haven't watched the Hunger Games trilogy [that-got-turned-into-four-movies-somehow]?? I'll just slink away in shame now...) :P
    - Jem Jones

    1. XD, Really??

      XD the books are definitely amazing, but I'm also a major fan of the movies- the casting choices were excellent imo. Don't slink away in shame!

  2. I wish I was into Nano😭 Good advice though😋

    1. Notice I gave advice for FRIENDS.... :p I wish you were into NaNo too....

    2. Nope, never. I'll just bask in YOUR Internet/book fame for now

  3. I love this post!!!! I love the Hunger Games agdjglanKchakand *cough cough*
    But yes, NaNo = the Hunger Games! Might I link to this post in my October recap post or one of my NaNo posts? :)

    1. Aw, Thanks!! and so do I! and omw I am so flattered that you would want to! Of course! <3


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