Monday, September 11, 2017

NaNo 101: YWP vs ADULT NaNo

Hello. earthlings and extraterrestrials!

Okay, so now what. You know most of the NaNo basics- caffeine, plotting vs pantsing, etc... but this is an important thing.

Before we really get into it, let me ask you a simple question. 

are you ready for it?

Okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sing Taylor Swift at you. The New Taylor is somewhat catchy, though, be real. Ridiculously catchy. STOP GLARING AT ME, SPARKLES, I APOLOGIZED.

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Okay. The YWP, or Young Writers Program is for ages 12-18 (ish, we're quite flexible.) The GREAT thing about it is that you get to set your own word count goal! and also write your novel on-site although this is totally optional. I personally use Scrivener and/or Google Docs and manually update my WC. Also the forums are amazing and quirky and fun but also quite distracting :/

MEANWHILE the ADULT NANO is for 13+ but mostly geared towards 18+. The thing with it is that your goal is set to 50k words and you CANNOT change it. I know, 50k is terrifying. You have to have a lot of coffee for that. a lot a lot.

So much coffee.

Anyways, um, moving forward.

I don't know much about Adult NaNo mostly because the YWP is so perfect. 

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No, seriously, the YWP is great. There's an amazing community on the forums and so much weirdness. Just a warning, 90% of us will steal your coffee and distract you so maybe not so wonderful we're all great people okay. 

Trust me.

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Image result for trust me gif

Much, much better. *sips coffee calmly*

The NaNo Forums are great for word warring, getting feeback, prayers, encouragement, and also for getting virtual coffee with heavy shots of ambient atmosphere- no, wait, come back! I didn't mean to scare you. We also have masquerade balls sometimes so that's fun and... hopefully somewhat normal.

No, really I- Um... you're right, what's the point of this post. To be honest, kids, I don't know. I guess it seemed important?? 

Well then.

*starts wrapping things up* here's to the next post being a better one! I promise it will be.
Why do you all keep looking at me like that?
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That's really harsh, now isn't it.

Adult NaNo or YWP? Was this post somewhat pointless? 

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  1. I've never done the Young writer's Program, although I actually have an account on there. I have a habit of seriously procrastinating and/or forgetting about my writing goals, so 50k is very hard for me. I think the Young writer's Program sounds ideal for me because you can set your own word goal. Maybe I'll try it this year! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. I've never done YWP since I was like....oh like maybe 18 or 19 when I first did NaNo In the first place? ACTUALLY MAYBE I WAS 20. I have no idea.😂 50K is not really hard for me though and I've never done any interaction in the forums. Maybe I should this year.😂 But I still think it's cool that you can find such good community in NaNo!! People can be so awesome.


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