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Month Review: August 2017

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!

So, I skipped a month last month, but with publishing and all, life was  a bit hectic. I'M BACK NOW (you all missed me & you know it- don't lie to me, kids) AND READY TO REVIEW MY MONTH.

I'll be doing things a bit differently than I did the last few times, because I wasn't quite happy with my format.  :/ Sue me, humans.

I was GOING to tell you all about my new format for this kind of post, and then I decided to just do it without explaining it because explaing is too mainstream.
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This Month, I

  • Introduced my wonderful friend Effervina to Hunger Games and Lunar Chronicles. Much fangirling ensued... also she ships Hayffie. Fear us, Sophie.
  • Finished renovating my room (and I hope to get you guys some pictures soon!)
  • Read too many books  and forgot to add them to Goodreads... #oops
  • Watched the Hunger Games movies with the real-life Effie aka my friend.
  • Prepped for NaNo and there will be some NaNo stuff at the end of this post so keep reading, kids.
  • Wrote some of Dragoncologist and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new direction it's taking!<3
  • Spent too much time on Twitter but it'll be okay, kids.
  • Started school and it almost killed me to start back. *sighs*
  • Joined my local robotics team and it's pretty fun.
  • Threw some of my plot bunnies at Sophie in preparation for NaNo. One of the ones she and Effie approved is what I'm probably writing for NaNo. AND I HAVE EXCERPTS FOR YOU GUYS BELOW.



She appears only once in a lifetime, during turning points in America's history. Most of the time, these times are wars. So in one of the most peaceful times the US has ever known, why would she appear?
Violette Smith is the Accidental, and she knows not where she comes from, nor why she is named as such. All she knows is that one more time, her country needs saving, that one more time, she has a mission.
 This time, the Accidental is saving her people for good. This time, the Accidental is coming in hot. This time, it won't look like an accident at all. This time, the Accidental can't do it alone.

I have no idea either, man. But basically she travels through time and space, coming to America in times of war and saving them because she's a hopeless optimist who refuses to accept the general dystopia of society. I like her already. I HAVE A MOODBOARD TOO.

He walks over to me, and I'm instantly scanning him for weapons, but I all I see is the paintball gun in his hand. I narrow my eyes. Is it really a paintball gun? He doesn't look like a threat, but I could always be wrong. I have been wrong before. Occasionally.
 "Hey, girl," he says, smiling... I raise an eyebrow. Then he promptly shoots me with the paintball gun, turns on his heel, and walks away into the chaos.
Strangely enough, I think he'd be a good ally.


 "You said you were here in the 70's- why? The hippies?" 
"No. Star Wars."

I'm very proud of me for that little bit of dialogue, okay?

It's vaguely superhero-ish but not? I don't know? We'll see where it goes??
why so many questions today

how you all are looking at me right now


This month is for...

  • all the reading! yayyyy, reading!
  • school. booo, school!
  • friends. SOMEONE needs to finish watching the Hunger Games with me. Because of reasons.
  • more school
  • Taylor Swift music but if he's a ghost then I can be a phantom and OH LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO so stupidly catchy and addictive why
  • writing! so much writing. so, so much writing. Mostly on Dragoncologist,
OH! I finally figured out how to best describe Charlie in Dragoncologist: 
Tilley opens the door, and is instantaneously blinded by an overwhelming abundance of ego.
 "Hello, Charlie," she sighs.
I LOVE HIM ahem ahem

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Some posts I enjoyed this month....


So, that was a month! 
Have you heard Are You Ready For It? What'd you think of my excerpts? HOW WAS YOUR MONTH? Is school evil (yes)?

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  1. I always love reading how excited you are over your book! IT'S THE BEST. And yay for lots of reading and Hunger Games appreciation! (I never watched the last two movies and sooo much regrets. Gah. I need to get to them but also?! Do I want to suffer again!?)

    And I'm not the biggest Taylor Swift fan but I LOVED the music video. It was well made.😂And the song is very catchy.

    1. Aww, thanks!! The last two movies are AMAZING even though they aren't... book.... accurate.... :/ there's a lot of Hayffie in them so :p

      The music video made me think of YA assassins. :p

  2. "An overwhelming abundance of ego" - I love it! xD

    And the paintball bit - is that inspired by the paintball prompt/thing on Pinterest/Tumblr? The one that... originally involves kissing?
    (I don't even know who the characters are xD xD)

    Jem Jones

    1. Charlie is fun. :p

      A mixture of that one and the laser tag one. I was going to include the kissing, but ehhhh?

      XD I said no one make assumptions!!!!!!

  3. Your book sounds amazing.
    I nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award a few weeks ago, but I forgot to tell you until now.

    1. Aww, thanks!! and oh, okay!! Thanks so much, Evy!!

  4. Ahah, I promise I'll watch with you Daisy


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