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Interview w/ May @ Forever and Everly {!!!}

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!
Sooooo May @ Forever and Everly let me interview her which is AMAZING and was SO MUCH FUN! I'm sure you all know May as the Mango Queen  that she is, right, kids?  If you don't know her then... well, I suggest you go click the link and visit her quickly. Before the world ends, or worse... we run out of caffeine in the world. As you can see, the Dragon Kingdom and Mango Kingdoms have united for a short while. I'm sure you're all... either absolutely terrified or very excited by that.

Introduce yourself in the most interesting way possible, as the Kingdom requires amusement.
Hi! I'm May. You may know me as the Mango Queen because, well, that's who I am??? I absolutely LOVE reading and writing, and I honestly would be perfectly happy if I was stranded alone forever on an island with all the books. (And WiFi, of course.) I'm aspiring to be a NYT bestselling author one day but let's be serious -- probably not gonna happen, right? Besides that, I'm a dancer, blogger [[I'm assuming you'll include a link to my blog somewhere, right Daisy? XD]], fangirl, pianist, Hamilton lover, and MANGO LOVER. I'm also many other things, including #fabulous, but because I'm kind, I'll stop here. ;)

Yes, your link is around here somewhere. And you could 100% hit NYT bestseller someday. Dream big, Mango.  Also, the Dragon Kingdom is amused.

If you had to choose between books and mangoes....
DUDE WHY DID YOU DO THIS WHYYYYYYY. Ugh, I guess if I had to, I'd pick books. I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SUCH A HORRIBLE QUEEN. But books are everything to me and I honestly think I would go insane without them -- whereas without mangoes... I'd just be very very very very VERY sad.


If you ran for President, would you call yourself the Mango President?
NO I would call myself the Mango Queen. President is a step down from Queen excuse you.

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Why do you like mangoes so very much? When did your appreciation for mangoes begin?
Well, for one, THEY'RE DELICIOUS. Something about the texture and the sweetness and the way it kinda just MELTS in your mouth (okay not really)... DF;JLASDFLKJAL;SDK. Hmm, I've always loved mangoes??? (THAI ONES ARE THE BEST OKAY.) But I really think I began my obsession when I started eating dried mangoes. SO GOOD, GUYS, SO GOOD. Either that or when I started my blog. ;)

Mmm, mangoes. Now I'm getting hungry, thanks so much.

Favorite Character from The Raven Boys?
ASDL;FJALSDFJA;LSJFDLS HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE. Okay, I think I'll go with Ronan. HE'S SO PRECIOUS OMGGGG. Sure he cusses a lot and acts like a "tough guy" but he's actually a softie inside. <3 <3 Also the person he ends up with makes for SUCH A GOOD SHIP, but I won't spoil anything. :))

IT WAS ALREADY SPOILED FOR ME but I'll keep my whining to myself. Personally, I liked Gansey.

Batman or Iron Man? (You know I had to.)
DAISY YOU KNOW I DON'T REALLY WATCH THESE GUYS!!! I'll go with Batman just to please ya. :P

How kind. How kind. Batman and Iron Man are the best.

What originally made you want to start a blog?
Well! I've always wanted to start a blog. I did it a few times with friends but they kinda failed and were so cringy and NOT AT ALL BLOGS. Then on the YWP NaNoWriMo forums (where I originally met Daisy!!), I met someone named April and became really good friends with her. One day I checked out her blog and decided, I'M GOING TO DO THAT TOO. And here I am, a little over a half a year later, BEING INTERVIEWED BY AMAZING PEOPLE.

Ah yes, the good 'ole NaNo forums.... AND WAIT AM I AN AMAZING PEOPLE?? *feels shiny*

Controversial questions... Chrome or Internet Explorer?
Okay... I get Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge... but INTERNET EXPLORER??? It's so slow and outdated and hard to navigate (and ugly -- sorry I'm all for aesthetics). Definitely Chrome! (Bonus fact: I use Microsoft Edge for all my blogging things and Chrome for all the personal/school things!)

Thank you. Chrome is the best browser. 

...Okay I looked it up and it's apparently from The Hunger Games (correct me if I'm wrong) and I know it's a HUGE surprise considering all my love for YA books but... I haven't read The Hunger Games yet. *runs away*


You can pick ONE fictional world to live in- which do you pick?
J;AJLDFKA;LSDKFJASDF DAISYYYYYYYYY. Okay, you're forcing me to choose between Camp Halfblood or Hogwarts and I have to say... CAMP HALFBLOOD. Percy Jackson was MY CHILDHOOD and it would be amazing to just live in that world and meet all those amazing characters and just... ajdflajsd;flkajsdflaks;d FANGIRLING SO HARD RIGHT NOW.

CHB for the wi- except, I did HP before PJO so should I... it was- well... goodness. I did give you a hard question.

Do you think that dragons eat mangoes? Or do mangoes eat dragons?
MANGOES EAT DRAGONS DUH. Tho in reality, that rarely happens because mangoes and dragons get along very well. :))

Of course they do, our kingdoms are the best of friends.

What's the BEST part about writing?
EXPRESSION. Expression expression expression. You get to tell stories through expression, release your creativity through expression, and much much more. Of course, there are other amazing parts of writing, but I think that you get to expressing yourself and your characters and the stories you come up with is so so important to me. <3

Image result for express yourself gif

Favorite color?
Pink! And let me just say: I don't know WHO decided pink was a "girly" color because there should be no such thing as gender stereotypes. So if a boy likes pink, GOOD FOR HIM. And if a girl likes pink, GOOD FOR HER. (Pink is a very pretty and aesthetic color jsyk.)

Pink is a very lovely and aesthetic color. Personally I'm more for blue (navy blue) but pink is good.
Well, thank you so much, May!!  That was INCREDIBLY fun! Now all of you be sure to check out May's blog. She's on hiatus right now which is horribly sad but she does have archives so you can read those.

Do you read May's  blog? Dragons or Mangoes? Do you ship Hayffie? Iron man or Batman?

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  1. This post was so fun to read! YES, PINK RULES, MAY! Can we do an interview someday? Maybe? Camp Halfblood would be amazing! But I really like feeling safe, so I think I'll just live at home and read about scary places and adventures.

    ~ Pip

    1. I'm always confused by comments on interview posts; is the comment directed at me or at May?? Life is so confusing and difficult.

    2. Well, I was intending this comment to be directed to you (Daisy), but the pink part was for May;)



  4. This was an excellent interview.
    How about... Mango dragons? Little fire-breathing mangoes with wings on the sides.

  5. DAISY THIS IS SO FUNNY I CAN'T EVEN. I found your blog via our Rebellious Writing book scout bulletins post and... welp, I'll be following!! XD Great interview - you and May are hee-larious.

    Except... well... *squeaks* I don't like mangoes. XD

    But Iron Man... Yessssssssss.

  6. Iron Man is way funnier, but Batman's super-cool. I'm going to have to say I prefer Batman in the comics - but I've never watched a Batman movie [apart from The Lego Batman Movie, obviously], so I prefer Iron Man in the movies.
    *carefully slips around "picking one" and escapes*
    (Oh, but if Batman actually DID work alone? he wouldn't be nearly so cool. The Robins are necessary for one-liners and quippy banter.)

    It's really cool that you interviewed the Mango Queen, Daisy!
    Jem Jones


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