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NaNo 101: Plotting vs Pantsing + How To Prep Either Way

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!

Welcome to Knife-Throwing cla-
waitn why are you all gaping? *shuffles notes* oops, sorry, I thought I was- never mind. Uh, welcome to NaNo 101.

Let's start with a basic but controversial issue because CONTROVERSY = BATTLE = EXPLOSIONS = FUN.

what no i'm normal.

But get out your notebooks and take some notes or maybe just make some funny doodles because TODAY WE WILL LEARN ABOUT PLOTTING AND PANTSING.

I'm a terrible teacher because I am actually really biased on this subject, but no matter. Have some coffee, that's why we're all really here. (if you don't like coffee we have other stuff somewhere, scrounge around.) 

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'PLOTTING' for those of you who don't know, is a practice of laying out literally everything about the book very methodically a month or so prior to nano. There are plenty of different methods, of course, but lots of young writers start here. I have tried this method; I do not like it. Some people love it though, so whatever floats your goat. boats are too mainstream

Some people do GREAT THINGS with plotting. Some of us get bored/overwhelmed and toss the idea out the window before ever even writing it. (me!) It can DEFINITELY help you make sure that your novel has clarity and direction, though.

PLOTTERS ON A WHOLE WORK REALLY HARD. And generally win nanowrimo. and look cool on twitter. and all that jazz. Also they're so very organized it's unbelievable.

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*sips coffee* now, onto the next thing.

'PANTSING' for those who don't know = coming into NaNo on Day 1 (or... 5) and tossing some stuff on a piece of paper. Generally speaking, we're there for the food. And the GIF wars.

BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE AREN'T SERIOUS. we care very deeply about our novels. It's just that we tire of ideas easily and need to use them while they're still fresh and exciting! Nothing wrong with that!

Some people do GREAT THINGS with pantsing and never plot a day in their life. We can keep it straight in our heads without writing it down and that's great. Some people CAN'T do it this way, though; it stresses them to have no clue what they're doing, and they CRAVE that outline. That's fine.

PANTSERS ON A WHOLE NEED A LOT OF HUGS. Because we've brought this stress on ourselves, but we'll do it again next year because why not??

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Of course, either way you have to somewhat prepare in these months pre-NaNo.

For PANTSERS, this means--

  • Chocolate (stock your shelves, kids)
  • Coffee/Dr. Pepper/etc. (I was in a pinch one time and used energy drink mix in my sweet tea. True story. I have no regrets. well that's not true, it tasted like cough syrup and I wandered around hacking for a few minutes but I'M ALIVE, ALICE.
  • Internet connection for updating your wordcount and NOT procrastinating
  • Part of NaNo Prep should be sleeping because will you do any sleeping during NaNo? The answer is no.
  • Brainstorming a bit. Just the basic amount of brainstorming.
  • Watching TV/ Reading books/ Doubling up on schoolwork because WE'LL NEED NOVEMBER TO BE FREE
For PLOTTERS, this means--
  • Brainstorming (a lot. like, a lot)
  • Creating character sheets (like, 1,000-word-long ones because #amazing)
  • Outlining 
  • Revising their outline
  • Sleeping 
  • Internet connection for creating moodboards and NOT procrastinating

I mean, I'm not sure how accurate this is... or even how unbiased/biased I may be? But hopefully this explains it to you guys... somewhat.  I, personally, am a die-hard pantser, in case that wasn't obvious- but what are YOUR opinions?

I think our next topic is General Survival, so stay tuned!

Plotting or pantsing? Are you prepping for NaNo? ARE EXPLOSIONS FUN SAY YES

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  1. It stresses me to have no idea what I'm doing but I CAN'T PLOT because I need the story to be fresh. So I need help because I am a very stressed pantser. (I have no idea what help, just... help. Or the chocolate you promised. That would work too.)

    Loving your series!
    Jem Jones

    1. Hmm... So a deeper look into pantsing is needed. Gotcha.

    2. I have the suggestion of a very loose plot. Mark the beginning, climax, and ending, and maybe a few other important events, but make up the rest as you go.

    I am a Plantser. *grins*

    1. YESSSS
      you little rebel you. it's one or the other, batman! you can't do both!
      *quotes lego batman unashamedly*

    2. *crosses arms* MW HA HA HA

  3. Daisy, you need to teach me all of this stuff!!


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