Monday, July 10, 2017

Interview: Liz of AmericanCatCreations (And Blog Address Change?)

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials! 

Today I will be interviewing Liz, owner of the Etsy shop American Cat Creations- and at the end of the post, she's offered a coupon code so stick round for that. Her shop is super cute! I especially love her Batman pillow.  Not that I'm obsessed with Batman, or anyth-

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what's that gif doing there, hehe?

But without further ado, let's start the interview*!

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*I totally didn't rhyme on purpose.


What made you want to start an etsy shop? 

I wanted to start an Etsy shop to show the world what I can make!

. Tell us about what you sell, exactly.
 I sell decorative pillows, Owl doorstops and Owl stuffed animals. I have different products planned for the future too.

 What is your process for making your products?
First, I go to my pattern drawer and i grab the pattern I need. Then, I go to my fabric bin and choose some fabric. Following that, I set up my sewing machine. Fourth, I cut the fabric with the patterns. Next, I sew them and stuff them(if they need to be stuffed). Lastly, I do my finishing touches before I take a picture of the items and post it on Etsy. 

 From where do you get inspiration?
 I get most of my inspiration from other sellers and people I know.

 How much time do you spend making your products?
 It takes quite a bit of time from the setting up of the sewing machine, choosing the fabric and then, the sewing process.

Where/How/From Whom did you learn to make these?
 I learned a lot from my Grandmas. My Dad's Mom did tons of sewing with me and my sister, showing us how to read a pattern and different sewing techniques. My Mom also showed me how to read patterns and she and I have done sewing projects together. My other Grandma(my Mom's Mom) gave me her patterns that she had made. 

 How long have you been making these?
I have been making these for a couple of years before I opened the Etsy shop.

Any advice to other crafters out there?
 First, ENJOY yourself. Don't stress yourself because then it gets boring and you don't want to do it! Second, Make sure you have the right supplies, because it is always annoying when you don't have all the materials.



Liz also has a COUPON CODE for you guys! 

Coupon Code: DAYDREAMERS15

So go spend that coupon code like a good earthling/extraterrestrial.


NOW for some information.
As of 7/17/17 this blog's address will be www.daisypaquet.blogspot.comThis shouldn't affect your subscriptions in any way.

Did you look at her lovely Etsy shop? Are you a good earthling/extraterrestrial? Do I have a slight Batman obsession?

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don't answer that last question.


  1. Thanks so much, Daisy! I loved the post! I had a feeling you would like the Batman pillow!

  2. Thank YOU, Liz!! Batman is one of my favorite things. :p

  3. I don't know much about Etsy, Liz, but I'll definitely have a look at your shop! :)

    (Daisy, my family uses the quote in that first gif SO OFTEN xD)

  4. Wow, Liz has some great creations! I could never do that. XD And woo hoo for a new URL!

    Did you look at her lovely Etsy shop?: Yes I did.

    Are you a good earthling/extraterrestrial?: I think I am???

    Do I have a slight Batman obsession?: NOOOOOOO NOT AT ALLLLLL DAISY.


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