Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Writing Update {Dragons Take Over} + NOT CHANGING MY BLOG ADDRESS

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!

So you know me. Dragons and Batman and coffee. Thus, it only makes sense that I would be writing about one of those three things. Well, Batman's been done and coffee would be... boring, honestly; thus I wrote about dragons. The Vulcans approve this logic.

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But the question was, what kind of dragons? Talking dragons? Animalistic dragons? Big dragons? Small dragons? How varied were these dragons, anyways? So I spent forever deciding that I would just have all of the types of dragons.  I don't think the Vulcan approve of that logic.

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I don't approve of my logic either.

But anyways. Then I had to figure out how many dragon subtypes there were. So far we have two large groups: higher intelligence and lower intelligence. Higher intelligence dragons can talk and think like humans- if not better than humans. Lower intelligence dragons are more... cat-like, I suppose. In fact, I think the mannerisms of most of my dragons are based off of a) cats or b) snakes. Hmm....
In THOSE TWO groups, are a few more subtypes. Because I like complicating things. See, there are Pygmies and Giants and Averagees? Hmm. Those all sound stupid. I'm still working on the terminology.

So I haven't written nearly as much as I would have liked, but this month was quite a bit busier than expected. :/ Thus, I have had to back off of my writing goal a bit. Not very happy about it, but it had to be done to protect what's left of my sanity.

Oh, and here's a sneak peek at Dragoncologist.
She draws her cloak around her. Lightning strikes, illuminating the alleyway.
                Nervously, Tilley Rosenfield makes her way back to the other side of town- always looking over her shoulder. Hearing that whisper, repeated over and over again in her mind.
                Kid, life isn’t fair.
                Normally, Tilley Rosenfield wasn’t one to be scared of the dark. There was no proof that the dark would hurt her; she would continue along just fine. Tonight, for the first time, she had seen something to contradict her belief. There was something in the dark. Something that could potentially hurt her.

I'm just a little bit proud of it. :)

Also I think it fits with #RebelliousWriting because so many YA/MG dragon books just aren't clean... or even interesting. In fact most of them are just... kind of... meh. Or frustrating. As The Dragon Queen, I vow to write books worthy of my empire. what now I have an empire?? Just call me sidious.

Well, this has been an extremely short and semi-pointless post. 0.o Oh well. Here's to a longer and more important post soon!
i just typed 'soom' instead of 'soon' help.

Oh, and I will not be changing my blog address for technical reasons. *eye rolls* go about your business.


How's CampNaNo going for you? How do you feel about dragons, coffee, and Batman? And off-topic, but have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day? 
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  1. Yes I have seen the rain on a sunny day. Isn't it one of the most beautiful things ever?
    Dragons are cool, but they kind of remind me of snakes, which I am not found of.
    And honestly, I don't care for coffee. Someone I know drinks coffee, and I associate that person caused bad memories, therefore I associate coffee with them. But then, I've never cared for any caffeinated drinks. I like chia. Iced chia is the best, but besides that I'd rather have a smoothie.

    Sorry for the long comment!

    ~ Pip

    1. Indeed!
      Yeah... snakes are pretty scary (if I may quote Lego Batman, my greatest fear is Snake-Clowns.) And it is CRAZY sad that you associate coffee with bad things. :'( I've heard that chia is good, but I really prefer coffee or chai tea...

  2. I feel very strongly in favour of Batman AND dragons. ALL THE DRAGONS. I LOVE DRAGONS SO MUCH I MAY SHOUT. *shouts obligatorily* And I love coffee but it doesn't do anything for me.😂 So I'd rather have a hot chocolate (a jaffa hot chocolate!! BEST.)

    I still plan to do NaNo but I'm running out of month.😂

    I hope you sort out all your dragon species! It's awesome you're writing about dragons. #StampsWithApproval

    1. YESS. DRAGONS. same! ADHD, man. Caffeine works backwards. :p

  3. I feel blessed in the fact that caffeine doesn't work on me.That way, I can drink as much coffee as I want and not be hyper. Actually, I'm always hyper, so it could just be that the caffeine doesn't make me any MORE hyper.

  4. Ooh, technical problems! Does that mean technology? XD Dragons are so awesome! I really love the name Tilly Rosenfield. And also your snippet. I like your snippet. I don't drink coffee??? I HATE the smell and taste of it. Camp NaNo's doing good-ish? I mean, I wrote a lot on one day and that just makes me procrastinate the other days since I'm still ahead of my goal... XD

    may @ forever and everly

    1. Yes. :p Cursed technology. THANK YOU. Tilley is one of my favorite characters I've ever created, actually. WHA. WHAT ABOUT CHAI? and XD story of my life.

  5. I haven't read many dragon books (Dragonskin Slippers is the only one that comes to mind... apart from Tolkien's works + Voyage of the Dawn Treader) BUT I'd love to read more! So... I hope your book goes well, O Dragon Queen ;D

    Jem Jones

  6. Your dragons are complicated. I have dragons in one of my stories, but only two species: Miniature dragons, which are dog sized, and Majestic dragons, which are the huge dinosaur sized ones.
    Dragoncologist sounds amazing! A+

    1. XD I tend to overcomplicate things. and thank you much!


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