Monday, June 5, 2017

Why I am So Forgiving of Slightly Unoriginal Stories

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!
are there any extraterrestrials reading? 

Today's post is brought to you by summer.  And not just any summer, either. A wet summer. Because sun and sand were not in my future, apparently.

So, I'm the type of person who loves doing things over and over again. 
Not kidding.


"Hey, Daisy, you wanna watch TV?"
"I was thinking this new mo-"
"LEGO Batman."
"We watched that yesterd-"

"Hey, Daisy, watcha listening to?"
*holds up phone to show*
"It's... on... repeat?"

"Whatcha readin'?"
"Percy Jackson."
*hugging it close to chest* "If you insult it again, my dragon will eat you."


I tend to do things over and over again until I'm sick of them. 

I really like re-reading. Something about slipping into the familiarity of old stories is rather nice. The best thing (sometimes) is when a new book is just similar enough to one (or more) of my favorites that it feels familiar. 
What does this mean?

It means that while most people who, upon reading a book about a boy who lives with his uncle and goes on a quest with bearded man, would roll their eyes, I am gobbling it up and feeling right at home. 
Because  it makes me feel safe. I know to expect a love interest. I know to expect a Chosen One. I know to expect special powers.  It's... predictable in a good way. It helps if it has just enough new and different to be 100% amazing on all the levels.

That, and books with crazy plot twists and super unpredictable storylines actually drive me nuts. It's like, make up your mind where the story is going and quit scaring me, good sir.  Not that a little bit of surprise is bad, necessarily. It's just that they're... exhausting, one after another like that, you know?

Easy reads have their place. That's why re-reading PJO and HP and the likes is so great! Sometimes a story doesn't need to make you think- it just needs to welcome you with open arms.

Of course, sometimes 'slightly' unoriginal can be 'extremely' unoriginal. That is bad. My dragon eats the bad ones. The bad ones are when they are so unapologetically ripping off another book that they just make you want to bang your head against the wall rather violently, a cacaphony of groans perpetuating the reviews...

You are right, it escalated rather quickly. Ahem.

So what am I saying and why? Basically, I guess I'm saying that... you don't have to strive to write 'anti-stereotypical' plots- but you shouldn't flat out copy, either. There's a happy medium in there somewhere.

Why am I saying it?
Because I wanted to, I guess, I dunno, I didn't have a reason.... I just like talking.


That entire little post there didn't have a. single. GIF. 

Image result for gasp lego batman gif

There... that's better. :)

Now, CampNaNo is coming up! I am super excited! I finished my #mysterious project, but I do have a couple of other ideas in the works.... How do you guys feel about robots?

SPEAKING OF, would any of you like to be in a Camp NaNo cabin with me? Shuffle and I are starting a private cabin. :)

Are you having a good summer? If not, I sincerely hope it gets better soon. Watch LEGO Batman- it's the panacea. It or Tamatoa, I'm not sure.

The Questions I am Leaving You With:
Are you having a good summer? Are you forgiving of unoriginal stories? Why or Why Not? Would you like to be invited to a Camp NaNo cabin? How do you feel about robots?

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You guys cool with this being a staple? another question, oh no


  1. i would love to be in a cabin with you! my camp nano username is headphonesgirl. great post as always, daisy! i'm listening to a song on repeat right now. ;)

    isabel 💜

  2. I like rereading -- after some time has passed. If I just finished the book, and then read it again... what was the purpose of reading it in the first place??? I'd rather take some time away from it and go back and be WELCOME INTO THIS WONDERFUL WORLD. Instead of having just finished the book and then just reread what you JUST read. It's like, a few months later, I'll have forgotten stuff, but I'll still remember some parts, you know???

    may @ forever and everly

    1. There are very few books I will reread after finishing- they have to either be REALLY good or REALLY confusing. :p But I do know what you mean.

  3. I think just about every single one of your posts has something in it to make me laugh. I love your blog. XD
    P.S. THAT CAN TOTALLY BE A STAPLE. It's so you and awesome!! XD Also, please don't murder me but I haven't seen LEGO Batman yet... *cries and hides*

    1. Haha, thanks, Jaclynn! :) That means a lot! And NOT SEEN LEGO BATMAN? Gasp. You should remedy that ASAP.

    2. I KNOW IM DYING TO SEE IT!! We will probably rent it when it comes out. And then I will manipulate my mom into buying it... LOL!! JK! I'll just tell her we need it. XD

    3. Haha, we got it THE DAY it was on digital thanks to my very generous grandmother. :p It is the cutest, geekiest movie known to mankind. :p IT HAS SAURON IN IT. AND DALEKS. AND VOLDEMORT.

    4. SAURON IS IN IT?! YESSSS!!! *flails*
      Even if it's just a little cameo like Gandalf in the LEGO movie, the need for me to see this movie just grew. O_O

    5. Sauron gets quite a bit more screen time than Gandalf did. It was BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I totally watch things over and over again! I always forget what things are about. LOL! I think I have watched the Sherlock series twenty times already, and yet I would watch it again in a heartbeat. That, and Doctor Who of course. Supernatural marathons just because they are so geeky, and Firefly everyday because well...shiny. Also, my sister and I just rewatched the whole of the Harry Potter series because she had never watched it before (gasp!), and she was on her way to Disney World without the foggiest idea of who this Harry P. character was. I would just rather watch something that I already know is good than watch something and take the chance that it is really bad.

    ginnie /

    1. Me too! I've only watched one episode of Doctor Who- it was interesting. :) NEVER SEEN HARRY POTTER? Poor unfortunate soul.... I'm glad you enlightened her.

  5. I love rereading things as well because of their familiarity and nostalgia factor, too. Now I want to reread Harry Potter...

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. I haven't seen Lego Batman either... *flails under the table* I don't know how to get ahold of a copy, though!

    1. :) Rereading HP is an excellent summer activity.

      And LEGO Batman is currently on digital- Amazon, iTunes, etc. :)

  6. Even if the book is a little cliche, it can still be interesting.
    I'm not sure what I'm writing for July camp, but I would love to join your cabin. I might just jump from story to story writing whatever.

  7. I do love books that just are like old friends to reread and feel homey and comfortable with. <3 TOTAL agreement. 😍

    1. Me when I saw your comment: *flailing* *screaming* *feeling shinier*

      *hugs percy jackson* Camp HalfBlood is my true home.

  8. I love watching the same movies and reading the same books over again, I guess I'm a creature of habbit! Great post! <3
    Megan @

  9. I'm of your opinion. There's a real fad at the moment for being 'original' - and it can be exhausting. People talk so much about it that the idea of 'not being cliched' is becoming a cliche itself. I mean, given people have been writing books all through history, it stands to reason that most of the best ideas have already been used - and I don't think there's any harm in re-using them.


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