Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We Stood Upon Stars {Book Review} // Motorcycles, Adventures, and Cool Maps

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!

Sometimes you get a new book and the cover is just AMAZING. Well, this book was ONE OF THOSE BOOKS. And since the cover is 99% prettier than me, it has replaced my face.

Books are the best makeup.

I mean, look at it- stars, navy blues and glowing yellows.... It's just... It's gorgeous, okay?

So, of course, I was instantly on guard- ya know, 'don't judge a book by its cover', all that. So, clearly, the book itself couldn't be as good as the cover. Yes, I realize that is a form of book judging. Shhh.

But OH MY WORD IT WAS GOOD. I did get a little confused because this book is labeled as 'Christian Living', but most of the time it read more like a memoir. This is fine, of course, and it worked out well. It's just that... I wasn't expecting it?

This book is SUPER COOL. While at times I was a bit frustrated with the author- it did seem like he had a complex, or something- there at the end I was sad it was over. The places he went, the descriptions, and the funniness he somehow managed to incorporate was all just so amazing.

The maps! The maps were lovely. I wouldn't use them for actual traveling, of course- but they were nice to look at. I'm adding several of the places he mentioned onto my 'places to go' list.

To be honest, I mostly just liked the descriptions of riding dual-sport motorcycles. Those things are a big deal at my house, so I was just enjoying being able to relate, I guess.

At times, I felt like we needed more God-things. Like, several times it felt like he added God as an after-thought, and that bothered me a bit. There at the end, though, he tied it all together- and I mean all of it- really nicely. 

SO OVERALL I'd say a 4.5 star book. Pretty good, I'd say.

this book was sent to me for free by bloggingforbooks in exchange for an honest review.


So, what do you think of the book cover? IT'S GORGEOUS ISN'T IT? Speaking of, my novelette is now on Goodreads! It'd be supergreat if you could add it on there. :)


  1. I've read a few books where the characters' discussion of God or praying seemed forced. It was annoying. I'm also not too fond when one or more characters are super preachy. Show me the word and God's love through your actions instead of nagging.


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