Thursday, June 29, 2017

Month Review: June 2017 {Of Dentists and Dreams}

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials! 

First things first, I dreamed last night that I somehow got my hands on an ARC of Wonder Woman: Warbringer and basically almost cried when I woke up and it was only a dream. Send help and chocolate.

Second things second, WHAT IS JUNE DOING BEING OVER?? NO?? NO! But I get to do my SECOND-EVER-RECAP-POST so!

If you're new around here, or just plain forgetful, then here is an explanation: basically everyone does cute little monthly recaps. But, me being me, I do things a bit differently.  

Instead of just recapping my month  or just saying what I'm gonna do next month, or even doing both.... I am going to recap my  month, not have any goals for next month, and give my month a starred review. Because rating books and tv shows and music and apps just wasn't enough.

 How did I do this last time? I really need a template of some sort...
AHA YES. ahem. Let us begin....

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this cat knows where it's at. everybody wants to be a cat.

This month I...

  • wrote 8 posts (not counting this one). ONE MORE THAN LAST MONTH, WHOO-HOO. ahem.
  • watched Batman: 1989 which is like LEGO Batman's slightly emo older brother, I believe. very good, very strange, very eighties. I recommend you be over 13 before watching, though.
  • made edits to A Beautiful Disaster
  • joined twitter @Dragoncologist
  • read about eight books, if Goodreads is correct. I'm also finishing up some more... that aren't on my goodreads currently-reading list for some reason??
  • hit over 50 blog followers. yeah, yeah, smolness, i know. BUT HEY I'M EXCITED SO *throws chocolate*
  • hit over 50 instagram followers. because instagram likes me better :p
  • made CampNaNo plans. dyslexic dragoncologists and flightless fairy children have 100% taken over my life. Don't send help, but send chocolate.
  • spent a lot of time at the pool when it wasn't raining.
  • texted my friends quite a bit. mostly about hogwarts houses and batman vs deadpool and escape rooms and lunar chronicles. WE ARE NORMAL BEINGS. 
  • might have planned the sequel to A Beautiful Disaster. Eeep??
  • had to go to the dentist. uh, #nope. bad bad bad bad bad.
  • had to pack up my room for room renovation. which wouldn't have been terrible if it weren't for my BEAUTIFUL BOOKS having to be in a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLASTIC TUB. *cries tears*

See, two bad things- dentist and  packing up my beautiful books for a little while. *tears* so, that's -1 star, making it.... A FOUR-STAR MONTH.

Image result

NOW, the amazing posts of this month....

OH AND BEFORE I FORGET. It is possible that I may be changing my blog address soon- but I will post about it on here, wordpress, twitter, and instagram beforehand so you'll know where to find me. :)

How was your month? Did you read any amazing blog posts this month? Have you ever had a dream about books?

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  1. Girl, your log is gorgeous. Like, your header, and the flowers and everything! I love it! 50 followers is a big deal! I mean, that's fifty people who want to read what you write. Because they think you're that interesting. Don't every get discouraged.

    ~ Pip

  2. Sounds like a great month! I've been overwhelmed with my dance intensive, which is sorta fun but also intense.
    I've never dreamed about books, but I dreamed once that my Grandfather bought me a kitten and I was very disappointed to wake up from that.

    1. Haha, hence the 'intensive' part. Aww, that's sad.

  3. I have dreams about books occasionally, which is frustrating. I know they're awesome books, but I can never READ the things; the pages are too fuzzy.

    *sends chocolate and lamingtons because I want to read a novel about dyslexic dragoncologists*

    Jem Jones

    1. Yes!! Exactly!

      *accepts and promises you a dyslexic dragoncologist*

  4. Omg I love that you rated the month like it's a book. That's such a genius and adorable idea. xD <3

    UGH now that you mentioned dreaming about books I feel like I JUST had a dream recently?? But I can't remember what it was?? I hate when I forget my dreams but yet they're *there* bugging me. I'll have to think on that. :P

    I'm glad this month was great! <3

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Thanks so much! And XD yesss when that happens it is SO annoying!! Hope you have a great July!

  5. We're supposed to have goals for next month? No one told me I'm supposed to have goals. I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl. Have never had a dream about books like yours, but can see how that would be disappointing. I have had a few dreams about my favorite author, but that's a discussion best left for another time...

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    1. XD, same here! And it was sooo sad. I almost cried. </3 XD okay...?

  6. Ew to dentists. THEY ARE EVIL FORCES OF DARKNESS. But yay to an overall good 4-star month!! I've never though of rating my month ahah. 😂 It's a fun idea! I LOVE BATMAN, ALSO. Although I've only seen the Dark Knight movies, although they are so fab and terrifying. *flails* I also have actually had a dream once about a book! But it was like the characters but not so much the book?? It was really weird. And I always know when I'm dreaming, so I spent the whole thing going "this isn't how it went in the book". So basically my brain is very bad at adaptions.😂😂

    1. YES. DARTH DENTIST. and yes!! 4-star!! XD REALLY?? BATMAN! '89 is the best, imho. :p XD basically you have Vulcan dreams: "this is inaccurate."

  7. Sounds like a good month! Did you read anything good? :D
    Megan @


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