Wednesday, June 14, 2017

{Fantastical Vacation Spots} (GIFS! MEDIOCRITY!)

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials! 

I, your amazing and wonderful host, am here to give you the summer getaways you can never ever actually get to! I'm amazing, I know.

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I hate when a gif cuts the person off mid-word ugh

This post is for if you're not planning on going on an awesome vacation but you realllly want to fantasize about an awesome vacation. clearly i have tickets to every place listed here and i will sell them to you
So let's just begin, shall we?

#1: The Batcave

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clearly a lego batman gif was needed, guys.

  1. Internet
  2. It's a cave
  3. Batman themed EVERYTHING
  4.  Butler.
  5. Internet again.
  6. No other people. (because tbh we're kicking batman out when we get there.)

See what I mean? It's just 100% the best. I'd offer to sell you my ticket there but I'm planning on using it... ahem, moving on...

#2: Tamatoa's Lair (Moana)

Image result for tamatoa gif

You really need any more reasons than that?  No? Good. Let's continue.

#3: Narnia

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THROUGH THE WARDORBE, AND INTO THE HAUNTS OF CHILDHOOD SO THAT WE MAY TAKE IT OVER AND BE THE RULERS. Wait, did I say 'we'? Clearly, I meant I. I will rule the Narnia. An amazing and adventurous place where animals talk. 

#4:  Hogwarts/Ilvermorny/Other Magical Schools

Image result for hermione granger gif
hermione is so impressed with my number-four-ing of schools.

*tosses quills and spellbooks in the air*  ONWARD TO MAGIC SCHOOL LET US GOOOOO. Magic schools are diverse, but it is common to find British people, evil villains, and animals there. I suggest wearing robes and hat to get you in the mood.

#5: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Image result for star wars gif
Let's go.

Darth Vader clearly approves this message. 100%. All the way. Greatly varied vacation spots and exotic food! Immerse yourself in the many, many, many local cultures! Get involved in a war and learn to lift thing with your mind!


Image result for camp halfblood gif

all the gifs are from the stupid movie. Help. Please.

Clearly a summer destination. Sadly you'll probably want to be.... a.... you know... half-blood to get here? But details, details. Pros to this place are armor and satyrs. Cons are likelihood of death. 

Well, not my longest post ever, but not my shortest either.  Somewhere inbetween. It's also not my best, or worst. Just a very mediocre post. *sighs*

How was your week? You going anywhere fantastical? Was this post the epitome of mediocrity? If you had to pick one of the places I listed, which would you pick?

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  1. Put me on the Camp Half-Blood travel list!!!! When are we leaving?
    Also, why would you vacation at Hogwarts when you can actually attend? Aren't they closed in the summer?

    1. right now! *disappears to CHB* anyways, I would neevvvverr break the rules to go to hogwarts while no one was there... *twiddles thumbs looking innocent*


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