Saturday, June 10, 2017

Camp NaNo Approaches {Cannons, GIFs of Childhood, and WIP Fears}

Hello, earthlings and extraterrestrials!

As my not so creative title implies, CAMP NANO IS COMING.

Make ready the cannons.

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poor napoleon.

Clearly, the approaching of Camp NaNo is cause for panic, yes? (Let's be honest, is there anything that ISN'T cause for panic?) The answer to that parenthetical aside is- NO. Everything is a reason to panic. Cannons are always necessary. 

Of course, the problem is...

And because obviously you guys know the answer to that and need to read about my rambling thoughts, I am writing a lovely post about it for you.

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this is not a GIF of childhood. those come later.

So. I mean, I don't even know what I'm so scared of? I've done this before? yes, i failed the last nano. be quiet. i won the others.  

Problem #1

I mean, I have that idea with the android and the snarky little kid and the explosions, then I have Dragoncologist, then I have a sci-fi Wonderland retelling idea....

Help. I like ALL the ideas? I really should do Dragoncologist, but to be honest, I just kind of am scared to attempt it again. I really like the idea of it.... but what if... something. See, I don't even know what in particular I'm worried about!

Image result for veggie tales don't be scared gif
Look! Talking food! My CHILDHOOD! There's still no hero quite like Larryboy.
To be honest I'll probably do Dragoncologist. Or the snarky kid and android idea. But probably Dragoncologist. maybe

I don't know, just so conflicted all the time. Maybe more coffee will help. Or watching LEGO Batman again. Not that I'm obsessed, or anything....

 lego lego batman the lego batman movie GIF
this isn't childhood, this is life as i know it.

 *looks up at ceiling* *twiddles thumbs* Okay, yes, fine, I am 100% obsessed and I cannot help it and you should be obsessed with it too.

Problem #2

WHAT SHOULD MY WORDCOUNT GOAL BE? Yes, I'm doing words. I refuse to do one of the #special ways of counting my progress. I don't like change.

How busy will I be?
How much do I think this story can take?
What if the world ends halfway through writing and then there is no way for me to finish it?

Problem #3

What if I am expected to socialize during Camp NaNo? There will be mutiny and bloodshed, let me tell you. Have this weird feeling that all conversations will go like this:

 tv doctor who supernatural veggie tales GIF
real footage of me being an antisocial writer. not kidding.

It'll be fine. 

Problem #4

There are only three problems!


Thank you for reading my GIF-heavy rambling nonsense. Have a latte! *offers you latte*

Now, the camp cabin offer still stands! If any of you want to be added, just comment with your Camp NaNo username.

Also the amazing Cait @ Paper Fury is having a giveaway for her sixth blogging anniversary! Go read her extremely long post and enter her extremely amazing giveaway. Also leave her an extremely amazing comment. We are amazing extremists. 

Are you chill or panicking about Camp NaNo? Are your cannons ready? Was Veggie Tales your childhood? if not, then your childhood was sad, good sir.

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  1. Veggie Tales was NOT my childhood, fortunately. And AGH I'M SO STRESSED FOR CAMP!!! I'm going to be outlining my magic story, and that means I have to do ALLLLL my planning in June. And it's already a third of the way through the month and I have like NOTHING. *cries* And I hate socializing in general. YAY CAIT'S BLOGIVERSARY! *claps*

    may @ forever and everly

    1. how dare you insult my childhood. There is NO HERO quite like Larryboy. SEE THAT'S WHY I NEVER PLAN ANYTHING. I SAVE THE STRESSING FOR ONE MONTH.

      NO SOCIALIZING! i hate to be the stereotypical antisocial authoress, but.... :p

  2. I'm not participating in Camp NaNo cause unfortunately I'm in a humongous writing slump and basically have been for over half a year. *sobs* But I totally can feel your struggles!! You need coffee, Lego Batman, and Shiny playing on loop in your ears to fuel your creative juices. And chocolate. That's very important.
    AND YES VEGGIETALES WAS MY CHILDHOOD!! I'll randomly start singing some of the silly songs to my friends and they have no idea what it's from and I'm like - VEGGIETALES! XD I still enjoy watching one from time to time, to be quite honest ;D I went through an obsessive phase with Princess and the Popstar. I loved those songs. XD

    1. Aww. I hope you can get out of the writing slump!! Yes, lots of shiny, batman, chocolate, and coffee are necessary. I couldn't survive NaNo without those things.

      YES. My little cousin is into veggie tales and it is amazing to watch her watch them for the first time. THE PRINCESS AND THE POPSTAR YES. I really liked Lyle the Kindly Viking and King George and the Ducky. :p

  3. HEY VEGGIE TALES WAS MY CHILDHOOD TOO YES!! *starts singing about cheeseburgers* Also picking projects can totally be hard. I HEAR YA. I've got two I'm picking between for July and I *think* I might just write one in June and then write the other in July and hope I don't die. 😂😂 Decisions are MONSTERS.

    1. YES THE CHEESEBURGER SONG! I still sing "where is my hairbursh" when looking for things... Decisions are my LEAST FAVORITE THINGS EVER.

  4. Camp's so stressful, isn't it! (and it hasn't even started yet...) *panics* A Dragoncologist sounds interesting! *has no idea what it's about but wants to read it* *so you have to write it* ;)

    I MUST watch the Lego Batman movie soon. If for no other reason, because it's apparently AWESOME for gifs. (Come ON, library, get your act together!)

    Jem Jones

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for commenting! and the camp stress is for real. 100%. And I think I will do Dragoncologist- I've gotten so much feedback on it. And YES WATCH LEGO BATMAN. It is 100% the greatest ever.

  5. i have this one project, kind of planned out in my mind, that I've been planning since like, September. sooo i'm pretty excited. though the large word count (50,000) is far from what I've ever written, so that might present a challenge. but we'll see. good luck!


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