Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Month Review: May 2017 {Obsessions, Recaps, and Tamatoa}

Hello, humans and extraterrestrials!

Guess who's doing these cute little monthly recap things that basically everyone else in the universe does? Me! #trendy. Haha, such cool, much amaze, all the jazz.

But wait! 

I'm going to do it  a little bit differently. Instead of just recapping my month  or just saying what I'm gonna do next month, or even doing both.... I am going to recap my  month, not have any goals for next month, and give my month a starred review. Because rating books and tv shows and music and apps just wasn't enough.

*stars sparkle everywhere*

Hey, what can I say? I like things that are...

Image result for shiny  tamatoa gif
i'll quit doing this someday. i promise.

So, first things second, the actual recap! :)

This month, I...

  • wrote seven blog posts (not counting this one) what do you mean that's not a lot? how dare you. i have a dragon army.
  • watched The LEGO Batman Movie which is the most amazing thing ever. Not exaggerating even a little bit. I think it and Star Wars  are tied.  I keep rewatching because I'm an obsessive creature.
  • wrote more of my.... #mysterious thing. *evil laugh* I'm almost done with it, actually, so maybe you'll see it soon. 
  • participated in the Typewriter Challenge. It was SUPER fun and I actually won the first challenge? HOW?  like, I don't win things?? How is this happening? 
  • read five-ish books according to Goodreads. I'm also trying to finish up a couple more that I started but am procrastinating on....
  • gave my tbr some leverage. translation: hahah help. What if it falls and CRUSHES ME?! Who will post nonsense and tamatoa gifs? NO ONE THAT'S WHO. no one? what a wonderful person they sound like.
  • joined instagram. @dragoncologist, actually. If you want to see some b&w pictures of my cat, you know where to go.
  • had a birthday! :) I really meant to do a post but I kept procrastinating... oops... next year?
  • had fun with friends! Nerd Squad! you guys are awesome. Stay that way. Live long and prosper.
  • went to visit my grandma! I had a lovely time playing with her humongous cats and watching movies.
  • got a batman POP! He is actually super cool and he'll be making an appearance in Threepio's next adventure.
I did some other things but I don't remember them very well... :/ But since I don't see anything bad (other than the crushing of the TBR pile) I'm gonna call it....

A FIVE-STAR MONTH! Things went really well this month, actually. 

Now, I'm not making goals for next month because I don't really want to. I know, I am super weird.  Now, I'd also like to say that May was great because of all the other blogs that had great posts this month! I'm going to list my top three favorites...

Sophie's teaser post.... Haha, that one is awesome because I know the secret. If you want to be teased by some cute Sims, head on over there.
Madi's 8th "Ten Ways to Kick the Devil's Butt in Your Everyday Life" post... This one is the eighth in a super-cool series Madi is doing. If you want to be a devi-butt-kicker, then this is THE post for you.
May's dream bookish panel- you know, the nonexistent one. If you want to watch May fangirl excessively and talk about her dreams, then this is the post for you. It's actually super funny and relateable.
There were plenty of others, too, but I don't have room to post them, because that would be basically every post I read this month... :p


How was your month? Do you want to see more of these 'trendy' recap posts? What great posts did you read this month? Have you seen Lego Batman and  if not, do you plan on seeing it?

Image result for lego batman batman out gif
I'm noticing that I keep using this. Maybe it's a new tradition. Can I be a shiny vigilante fangirl?


  1. Aww thanks Daisy! On behalf of Nerd Squad, its fun hanging out with our favorite Tamatoa-shiny obsessed introvert! (I mean that in the best way ;P) And thanks for mentioning my post! (Thanks for not revealing the secret! But for real, I can hardly contain the cuteness anymore. I'm probably gonna post at least something about them eventually... mwhaahaha)

    1. YW! and awww I love being shiny. :) Your post was awesome! Me, tell a secret? Nevveerrr.

      DO IT SOON!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like May was pretty cool! Hope June is too!

    1. Thanks! It was a great month. You have a great June too!

  3. THANKS FOR LINKING MY POST!!! And whaaaat? Happy birthday!!! How old are you now? (If you're allowed to say.) And whoooooa, Daisy joined Instagram??? #shook And congrats again for winning the first challenge of the Typewriter Project! You totally deserved it. ;) <3

    1. You are VERY welcome. :) Thanks! I am ageless; all dragon queens are. Yup, Instagram! And thanks. :)


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