Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Character Q&A #1 {Who are these people?}

....No, I'm afraid these characters are unbeknownst to you, readers! They are....

And, haha, I can totally keep a secret so I'm posting about them. Mwahaha.

what of course that logic works because all you'll know is what i say....
See, I wanted to interview Sophie's characters but I had to agree to let her interview mine so...
here we are, ladies and gents.

ALSO ALSO ALSO before I forget, Shuffle's charcters answered questions I asked, and obviously her characters are 100% cooler than mine and I asked weird questions so now you have to go read her post!

without further ado, wither, a faerie king, and aspin, a pyxie princess.
1.  What species are you?
Aspin: pyxie!
Wither: Faerie! *jazz hands*

2.  Where are you from?
Aspin: The Upper Kingdom, where the lights forever shine!
Wither: The Lower Kingdom, AKA the abandoned mines, where… the light… never…. Shines.
Aspin: There, there.
Wither: *whispering* I was being dramatic.
Aspin: Oh?

3.  Where did you two meet?
Aspin: Wither kidnapped me so I could help his people!
Wither: Yes… I did the wrong thing… for the right reason.
Aspin: Very brave of you.
Wither:...was that sarcasm?
Aspin: What’s sarcasm?
Wither: are you even serious right now?

4.  How do you compliment each other?
Aspin: Uh….. oh, I don’t know…
Wither: No clue, ladies and gentlemen.
Daisy: Aspin is totally clueless about everything, honest, and super optimistic, but Wither basically is overlydramatic and very pessimistic. Neither one thinks things through, though…
Wither: Overly ...dramatic? How dare you!

5.  What do you fight about?
Aspin: Fight? I never fight about anything.
Wither: i fight. I fight all the time.
Aspin: I thought it took two to fight?
Wither: Not if you’re me!

6.  What’s your relationship status
Aspin:... world-savers?
Wither: *walks away*
Me: Come back! I didn’t ask the question, it was Sophie!
Me: what the?!

7.  If you went to Starbucks, what would you order?
Aspin: What’s.. that?
Wither: a star-spangled deer that I can order around?
Me: No, a coffee shop.
Wither: Coffee?
Me: it’s a drink.
Sophie:  HINT HINT!  You should get a Mocha Peppermint Frappuccino.  That’s what I get!  Those things are the BOMB!!  Or really any Frappuccino.. Except the Unicorn One.  I’ve heard bad things about it.
Daisy: I want the dragon one.
Aspin: Okay, Sophie, if you think it’s good!
Wither: I’d like some atmosphere, please.
Aspin: You can’t drink atmosphere…
Wither: Then the unicorn one.
Aspin: Quit being difficult!
Wither: Ladies and gentlemen, she says for me to change my personality!

8.  Zodiac signs?
Wither: Whaaa?
Aspin: If you don’t know I definitely don’t.
Wither: This is bad, I’m supposed to know everything.
Sophie:  But.! I always ask characters what their sign is!  Its just in my nature to ask about the stars…..
Sophie:  Tell me when you were born and I’ll tell you.
Aspin: Uh… the eighteenth day of the third moon.
Sophie:  Uhh.. I think your a Pisces.
Wither: The seventh day of the twelfth moon.
Sophie:  I think you’re…. Sagittarius!!! I’m also a Sagittarius!!!!

9.  What is your worst fear?
Aspin: The dark!
Wiher: Losing my amazingness! *clutches at chest* It would wound my core and cause fatality!
Aspin: That sounds bad.
Wither: Yes, yes it does!
10. What do you fear in each other?
Aspin: Is there anything to fear?
Wither: Probably.
Aspin: Like what?
Wither. No clue. But I worry about you doing something stupid because you trust everybody.
Aspin: How would that happen?

And.... there you have it, folks, these characters are weirdos. If you want to get to know them better, go to Power of Paper, where Shuffle's characters and my characters will be being insane all. month. long.


  1. Oh my gosh, I loved this!! Aspin and Wither are so funny!! XD

  2. Awww I haven't said anything about the score between Wither and Heartbreak yet!
    (Oops. Dear reader of this comment, you will have to read part 2)

  3. Very imaginative and super cool!


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