Friday, May 5, 2017

Adventures of Threepio: A Very Special Day

At least I think it's Ep. III. It might be IV. No telling.

"Did you know that we have our own holiday?" Threepio asked, full of excitement. K2 turned to look at him quizzically.

"Who is 'we'?" 
"Us," Threepio said, gesturing around. "You, me..."

Artoo whistled. "Yes, and you as well," Threepio sighed. "As exasperating as you are."

"Part of this am I, too?" 
"Yes, Master Yoda, it celebrates you as well."

"I assume we're part of this too, 'cuz we're awesome," Han says, as Chewie roars in agreement.

"What about me?"

"I am very sorry sir, but who... and what... to do you claim to be?"

"I'm Cheese Sandwich. I'm a My Little Pony."
He was met with blank stares.

"I am sorry sir, but I don't think that you have your own holiday."
"Oh well," Cheese Sandwich said, still grinning maniacally. "I gotta skedaddle anyways!"

"Hi! I'm Tomaturtle," said a strange looking creature.

"And what... are you?" Threepio saidconfusedly. K2 shook his head.
 "The fact that we have run into two creatures we know nothing about today is rather disturbing," he said.
"Indeed," Threepio muttered.

"I'm a giant turtle."
"Not giant are you," Yoda said, "But indeed rather sma-"
"How dare you!" Tomaturtle cried.

"I am so shiny. You will never be quite as shiny. I'll never hide- I can't. I'm too big. and. shiny!!"
He left, muttering about metallic know-it-alls and confusing green men.

Suddenly, it started raining small, hard things.
"Hail!" Threepio cried, and K2 started to look for shelter. Yoda stopped them.
"Investigate, we should. Stopped now, the deluge has."

"Like food, this looks. Eat it, I shall."

K2 jumped in front of him. "It is too dangerous, sir. I recommend you let us test one of each color before anyone ea-" Suddenly, he heard a wookiee roar. He turned around, and saw...

Chewbacca was eating some the unnatural items!

K2 promptly fell over. "No one listens to me..."
"I understand, friend," Threepio sighed. "Master Yoda, would you mind using the Force to pick our dear friend up?"
"Mind, I do not," Yoda said.

"What does it taste like, Chewbacca?"
Chewie roared. "It's good?" Threepio said in amazement. "Well, if you die of poisoning later, don't blame us."

"Have some, believe I will," said Yoda. "Green like me, some are."
"I want some too!" Han said quickly.

"We cannot eat any," Threepio said. "We are droids."

"Not our problem, this is!" Yoda cackled, eating some of the.... stuff.

"Back off! Those blue ones are mine!" 
"Mine! Mine! Mine these are! Make you lift rocks while standing on your head, I will!"
"Uh... never mind, you can have 'em."

Chewbacca roared at Yoda- something about "If you do that to him I will rip your arms off."

"Oh dear, this is getting most violent," Threepio said, hiding behind his friends.
"Probably the poison kicking in," K2 said, after a moment's thought.

After five minutes, though, all of the strange things were eaten and no one was dead.

"That was amazing," Han said, "And I'm pretty sure it's because of our holiday."

"Oh well, K2. It is possible that they may be poisoned yet. At least we won't have been poisoned, whatever the case."

"But... I kind of wanted to try it..." K2 said mournfully, looking over his shoulder as he walked away.


Happy Star Wars Day, humans and extraterrestrials! As you can see, I am a bit late, so it's actually Revenge of the Fifth. Oh well.

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year- my birthday and also Star Wars Day. 

I had a lot of fun making this- K2 and Threepio are my favorites, you know. :P 

As you celebrate Revenge of the Fifth and a late May the Fourth, I suggest you listen to this song- it's amazing.

Have a nice weekend, people!


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