Monday, April 3, 2017

NaPoWriMo: Three


calmly, quietly,
silver, stone,
seeping starlight
sweetly, silently,
 reflecting firelight
broken bits
not so shattered anymore
silent, sharp,
shivery thoughts
strewn upon the forest floor
sense the shadows where they lay
swiftly, swooping,
without delay
whisper silently, shivery too
stars in shadow,
seeping, sweetly,
whispers to you.
cold mornings,
birds sing
slipping, tripping,
healing, severing
sounds the forest sings to us
never silent
never enough
whispers in cool morning dew
I can hear it
singing my name softly
I can hear it
the whispers, that is.
Can you?
What do you think of this one? I struggled with it a little. What can I do to improve?

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