Thursday, April 13, 2017

NaPoWriMo: 10/11/12 (Plus: NaNo Updates)

Hello, everyone! I have two more late poems today... fashionably late.


1 (one) little bird on a (1 (one)) wire
1 (one) big sky to cover the (singular) world
1 (one) world in a (1 (one)) universe.
1 (one) person (singular) looking at the (singular) sky.

...The best I can personally give that one is, it's unique.


close enough to touch it,
the current of electricity,
reaching through the dark of night,
a single spark creates a blaze,
neon in the midnight black.
hearts beating faster
cars, headlights,
streams in the dark,
roads, highways,
leading forever onward,
burning out so fast


Tell Me

I need to hear that whisper,
preceded by the telling glance,
telling me the flowers will fade,
but the sun itself shall not.

I need to know that the petals may fall,
the earth may shake, people may leave,
but the moon will always touch me, giving me silvery wings of night.

I need to know that in the dark
a light will always shine,
and others may reflect it, 
for time may fail and friends may leave,

but tell me the morning star will stay,
the dew upon my cheeks.

Tell me I can stay this way,
a child playing in the summer sun,

the past behind me, the universe ahead,
living fully, everthing clear,

safe for now, frozen in time.

{tell me I will be safe... I know now that I can be safe}

and that one was just plain weird?

So.... NaPo is going pretty well, eh? Let's talk about how I'm succeeding instead of how I'm epically failing.

Hehe...what? Why are you looking at me that way?


I AM FAILING. See, I said it. What I didn't say is that.... there's a bright side somewhere.

the bright side is I read a lot of stuff this month instead of writing a lot of stuff

Image result for harry potter priorities gif
gee, thanks, ron. do you work for ackbar industries now? proclaiming the obvious since 1983.

I'll be okay.


I mean, I guess to write I have to read... in some weird way, doesn't that logic work? ask the vulcans, they'll know

I will write, though, because I will  tame these dragons. These dragons will JOIN my army or face marshmallows.

How's the month going for all of you? Which of my three weird poems did you prefer?

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