Sunday, April 30, 2017

NaNo Fail/NaPo Fail (And Introducing... Power of Paper!)


Image result for taylor swift raise hand gif

and no, i didn't do it just to use that gif. have some faith in me.

BUT IT'S OKAY because I went on this huge trip that you will probably be seeing some pictures of someday soon here.

I am happy with what I did write this month, though, so that's good. :) I also read some REALLY good books that you will probably get reviews of.

Well, signing off for no-

what do you mean "look back up at your title"? I know exactly what my title is and I never forget anyth-

Oooooh yeah, that introduction.

Haha, I remembered that, I was keeping you guys on your toes.

ANYWAYS.... hehe...

What is this Power of Paper? It is, as the image says, a collab blog by me and Shuffle. It's all about writing and believing in yourself and fandoms. Basically, it's about all that good stuff in the world.

I encourage you all to go over and check it out- to kick off the month of May, we'll be doing Meeting Characters May, which you'll hear more about later.

May the Force be with you.
i am so funny lol

Are you excited about Power of Paper? Do you forgive me for failing and not being very remorseful about it? Do you love the Taylor Swift gif?


  1. MAY MAY MAY IT'S ME RIGHT RIGHT. And haha, sorry you failed! But at least you wrote, right? :) And ooh, I'll be sure to check your collab blog out!

    1. LOL, May puns never get old. It's cool 'cuz I like failing. And Thank ye much!


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