Monday, January 23, 2017

Falling Flowers- A Poem

Leaves of green, the bush stands by the road.
A leaf falls.
Flowers dot the bush, bringing color to the side of the road.
A petal falls.
The sky darkens a little, clouds rolling in.
The rain falls.
The flowers are beaten down, they cannot stand.
A flower falls.
The flower dots the hillside.
A flower falls.
The rain is merciless and unending.
A flower falls.
The ground is shaken by thunder.
Thunder rolls.
Flowers fly about in the wind.
More flowers fall.
A painting in reality.
Flowers fall.
Puddles form on the ground.
Flowers float.
Pink in a world of gray.
Flowers fall.
Tears upon a world in pain,
flowers fall.


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  1. That's such a pretty poem!! Did you write it?


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