Friday, January 6, 2017

Adventures of an Unemployed Dragoncologist Has a Cover!

I struggle with writing things if I don't have a cover to look at- I guess the cover reminds me how much I want to finish the story. So my mom and I messed around with free images and such until we found one we liked. 

The fonts are a little off, and Tilley looks a bit strange, but if you ignore that, this is pretty much how I'd imagined the cover.
The Dragon is credited to Wayne on DeviantArt. Thank you, Wayne, for having an amazing free image of a dragon.

Well, have a good weekend, everybody. I'll be watching some Star wars, reading some books, and writing, of course.


  1. That cover looks AWESOME! Good luck writing your book!

  2. This cover looks great! It's definitely motivating to have a cover. I know how tough writing is, but it's like the race with the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins it. So if you just keep going, you will get there! Good luck! :)

    ginnie /


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