Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Strange Occurrence- Part 3

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Same theme song... still clean and Christian.:)


"Molly, if I'm going to show you the others, I need to know what power you have so we can know how- and if- you can help us. I'm pretty sure you can, but better safe than sorry."

She turned away. He watched her, curiously. "But how do you know that I even have a power?"
"Molly, the others have been watching you since your neighbor, Miss Mackerly, moved next door."

"They live with Miss Mackerly?"
"Miss Mackerly is an illusion, a cover- and soon you'll see how. But, Molly, I need to know your power!"

"Please," he asked again. She sighed, not meeting his eyes.

"I'll show you," she said, holding out her hands.

Flames crackled in her palms. Leo's eyes widened in amazement.

"Woah, cool," he said, grinning. Molly raised an eyebrow. 
"And yours is..." but then she followed his glance downward. She gasped.

His feet weren't touching the ground. Then he lead her out into the sunshine. She blinked, and then noticed two girls appear.

"This is Bethany," Leo said, gesturing towards a redheaded girl. "She is our resident illusion master." The girl winked.

"This is Athena," he said, pointing to a darker girl, who looked more serious. "She has this whole 'enhanced physical ability' thing going on. You need something done fast, or want to lift something heavy? She's your girl."

"And I'm Leo, of course. Guys, this is Molly... she's... fire."

"We.... we are the saviors of the world, Bethany said. "We three have lived together- well, for about a month now. Athena and I lived together for years before that, though. Molly, we would be honored if you would join our cause- freeing the world from evil, multi-grain toast, and general badness."

They all put their hands together. "I'm in!" Molly said, just as sirens began to blare.

"Oh no," Bethany said, her countenance falling. "They're doing it again. We have to help before it's too late."


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