Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Strange Occurrence (Part 1)

Molly stepped out onto the porch, in the dark. Who had knocked on her door? She turned around and was surprised to see..

...A boy. He was breathing hard like he had been running.
"I need you to help me save the world," he said.

"From who?" Molly asked quickly.

"This is going to sound crazy..." he said. "But we're saving the world from a fluffy evil mastermind."
"Fluffy? I eat fluffy for breakfast! Bring it on!" Molly said.

And thus, the world's strangest adventure began.

First post of the new year! And Yes, I got a boy doll! His name is to be revealed later.


  1. You will not believe how much I seriously love this photostory. This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I imagine all the time. XD Part 2, I beg of you. PART 2! XD

  2. Accosted by boy to help save world from fluffy evil mastermind. Yup, bucket list fulfilled. Woot! :) LOL!

    ginnie /

    1. I'm pretty sure that's how Molly viewed it.


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