Monday, December 12, 2016

The Blogscars: Categories and Nominations

The moment you've all been waiting for....


Best Blog Design
Most Random Blogger
Most Random Post,
Best Graphics in a Post
Most Rambly Post
Most Rambly Blogger.
Most Fangirly Blogger
Most Fangirly Post,
Most Star-Wars-Y Blogger
Most Star Wars-Y Post,
Best Stand-alone Story
Best Stand-alone Photostory
Best Photoshoot (Doll)
Best Photoshoot (Other)
Best Craft
Most Random Photostory
Most Random Story
Most Fandom References in One Post
Best Summer Post
Best Winter Post
Best Spring Post
Best Fall Post
Funniest Star Wars Post
Best New Blogger
Best New Tag
Best Poem
Friendliest Doll
Friendliest Blogger
Best NaNo Post
Best How-To Post

But don't worry, we've updated. You won't have to fill out a comment with all those. That's be ridiculous. No, we have this lovely form you can fill out.

Respond as many times as you like! You can continue to send in nominations until December 22, 2016.

May the odds be in everyone's favor, the Force is with you all! 

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