Sunday, December 4, 2016

Help, O Blog Readers, I Implore You!

I cannot decide what to write in my free time, so I have decided to..... Let you guys choose!

Idea 1: The Wanderer

Tilly Rosenfield is your ordinary 19-year-old girl: she catalogs dragonets for a living, works for the Head of Magic, and owns a rather amazing staff. Sadly, after a few incidents with... erm... being a bit too kind to the dragons, she is banished from her society, and her staff is burned. Luckily, though, Nigel Greensprot, a baby dragon, stows away in the pocket of her jacket.... 

Idea 2: The Travel to the Land of UnReality, Being the first book telling the story of the first Changeling in modern days, and how she discovered what she was, and how she got to the Land of UnReality.

Boom. Girl, magic. Boy, magic. Twins, actually Triplets. Cat, fantastical. World, Really Unreal. All, eccentric. Author, insane.

Sums it up.

Idea 3:Flora and the Nerds, a Not-Quite True Tale of Flora and Friends as they Travel to Parts Unknown, Mainly Florida.

A couple of kids, led by the socially awkw... I mean, socially awesome Flora. They cosplay and go to Florida. There's drama, and horses. That's really all I have.


From those extremely vague descriptions, can any of you help me? Post your votes in the comments- please. I'm begging you all.
Save me from insanity, and decisions.

Who has huge Christmas blogging plans? This blogger, right here, typing this.


  1. I like ideas 1 and 2!! :D

    1. I'm having trouble between those two...

  2. I dunno...they all sound great! Certainly write them all someday, but I think the second one sounds really exciting.

    1. Thank you! Of course. :) I do really like the second...

  3. I think the first one sounds really fun, but maybe you should try writing the first couple of chapters of each story and then decide which one you're most excited to continue! :)

  4. Ooh, I really like the first one. :D

    -Clara <3

  5. Ugh the wifi is down at my place, and I'm not connected to my blogger profile so this will do.

    I like the first one..... the second one sounds awesome too.... but I like the first one more.

  6. Ooh, I love ideas #1 and #3! But #2 is awesome, too. I'm a pretty awful decision maker. XD I like Emma's idea for deciding which one!



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