Friday, November 18, 2016

The Forest of Treachery

What are words?
Words are an illusive creature, and they dwell in the forest of distraction. The forest of distraction, a dark and treacherous place,  is always inadvertently right where you don't need it to be. In between beginning and ending.
It shapeshifts- oftentimes it is not a forest at all, but rather a post on social media, or perhaps a strange
Little being noticed fleetingly by your eye, causing your mind to Focus in, and your eyes Focus with it. It may take you hors to realize that indeed, it was only a round little bird, grabbing a worm from the folds of earth would you hose, enjoying nature's true bounty. The worm, which cannot scream, as it is mouthless, gives up its life to satisfy the hunger of the bird, and therefore save its brethren.

 Where was I? Ah yes, the land of PinkJunkJune. It is always June. The sky is pink. There is junk. That about sums it up. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is no Star Wars there. How depressing. Never vacation there.

A good place to vacation is Jakku. Warm, sandy beaches, bright sunny days... And only a little false advertising.
Maybe a lot of false advertising. More like selective truth-tellung.

Back to distractions.

Lego videos on YouTube are distractions.
Internet is also a distraction.

Butterflies are... What was I saying?

Most random post ever.

Here's my novel synopsis!

13-year-old Harper doesn't really ask for things- life just seems to give them to her. So when her financially struggling aunt and uncle move in with her family, her prodigal brother returns with his fiance, a mysteriously kind boy moves in next door, and childhood enemies come back- well, it's no wonder she goes off into outer space sometimes. Outer space seems like the perfect escape. There are no people there, no emotions there, and thus, no problems- or so she thinks. When a sudden tragedy strikes, can her family pull her out of outer space? And when it matters most, will she realize that she needs people- emotions- and even problems?



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