Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Writing Post

My biggest struggle, as a writer, at least, is finding the perfect storyline.
Characters are pretty easy.
Setting always work out.
It's the conflict that I can never seem to get right.

Well, the other night, I had a dream.
And that dream, my friends, may very well be my next endeavor.

There was a cat, a grey one, with stardust on its paws and whiskers.
There was girl, who is currently nameless, looking at her family photos, tears falling, because she doesn't belong.
The cat, informing her that he was the 'Most Powerful, All-Knowing Cat of Time and Space, but Mostly Time' asked her to go to the edge of Everything, the middle of Nothing, and the end of Nowhere.

 I woke up.
I know this sounds random, but I have a good feeling.
Randomness is a good thing.

It's like a unicorn!

But, of course, I am not writing this now.
After NaNoWriMo, the Day of All Turkeys and Pies, and the HollyDays.
And possibly in the InBeTween times, as well.


Here's a piece of my NaNo Novel I am ESPECIALLY proud of:

Of course, ADHD, I'm not so great at the art of being silent. I'd make a terrible ninja, and the FBI will never hire me.
I started messing with my pajama pants, and the bow on the waist band, and then, distracted, I started to stepp back up the stairs, anything to escape...
and I tripped, and then I ended up

And I didn't do it quietly, either. Al though, how any one could fall down a flight of stairs quietly is definitely  beyond me. 

Ah, the things we do to our characters. The tortures we use, and the painful things we put them through! Falling down the stairs? Mild! Katniss Everdeen was told she had to kill people! Han Solo's own son killed him!

I don't think that consoled my characters, though.
Can't they see that I am doing this for the greater good?
I guess not.


  1. Your dream idea is brilliant. I had a dream once. I woke up and turned it into a trilogy. Follow your dreams. :)

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

  2. I have the opposite problem than you do. I have issues creating characters! XD LOL! Stories come pretty easily to me, then I'm like- but what about the people in the story?
    Oh my goodness! We both have characters who have ADHD! That's so crazy! LOL!


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