Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Am Exhausted but Anyways..?

This morning, at about 6:30, I won NaNoWriMo.
My internet was down, so I was typing up an idea I had in Werdsmith. As I typed it up, I saw that I had a 400-something word paragraph from another day that I had forgotten about.
I pasted it, and lo, behold, beauty of beauties....

or so I thought.
There was a glitch in the system and I had to contact NaNoHelp before I could claim my rewards. 😢

I ended up writing 6 more words, and then claiming my rewards.

I got 15k down on my novel!

I'm going to take a break from it for a few months, before going back and finishing it. 😉 I'm hoping to reach 50k on it, sometime.

To those of you ho have won, congratulations! And to those till pushing, you can make it!

May the Force be with you!


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saying Fare-well to Fall



Have You Ever Blown Up a Microwaveable Mug?

I was making hot chocolate-
simple, easy.

I can do this, I whispered, a  quiet mantra, echoing in my mind.

I got out a mug, making sure it was microwaveable.
I poured milk in the cup.
I put it in the microwave, 
It began to boil, so I pushed the button to open the door.

When I opened the door, I heard a very loud pop, and a shard of mug flew out and hit me in the middle of my forehead.

Commence the panic.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Things I'm Thankful For

Autumn, Landscape, Home, Rural, Rain

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and we've all recovered from socializing, I thought I'd post some things I'm thankful for.

1. Sunshine
2. Rain
3. Fantasy
4. Fiction
5. Books
6. Words
7. Starlight
8. Scrabble
9. Chocolate
10. The Online Community
11. The Real-Life Community
12. Randomness
13. Blue
14. Libraries
15. History
16. Star Wars
17. WiFi
18. Creativity
19. Hair
20. Shoes
Those were in no particular order.

*image is a free stock image


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Writing Post

My biggest struggle, as a writer, at least, is finding the perfect storyline.
Characters are pretty easy.
Setting always work out.
It's the conflict that I can never seem to get right.

Well, the other night, I had a dream.
And that dream, my friends, may very well be my next endeavor.

There was a cat, a grey one, with stardust on its paws and whiskers.
There was girl, who is currently nameless, looking at her family photos, tears falling, because she doesn't belong.
The cat, informing her that he was the 'Most Powerful, All-Knowing Cat of Time and Space, but Mostly Time' asked her to go to the edge of Everything, the middle of Nothing, and the end of Nowhere.

 I woke up.
I know this sounds random, but I have a good feeling.
Randomness is a good thing.

It's like a unicorn!

But, of course, I am not writing this now.
After NaNoWriMo, the Day of All Turkeys and Pies, and the HollyDays.
And possibly in the InBeTween times, as well.


Here's a piece of my NaNo Novel I am ESPECIALLY proud of:

Of course, ADHD, I'm not so great at the art of being silent. I'd make a terrible ninja, and the FBI will never hire me.
I started messing with my pajama pants, and the bow on the waist band, and then, distracted, I started to stepp back up the stairs, anything to escape...
and I tripped, and then I ended up

And I didn't do it quietly, either. Al though, how any one could fall down a flight of stairs quietly is definitely  beyond me. 

Ah, the things we do to our characters. The tortures we use, and the painful things we put them through! Falling down the stairs? Mild! Katniss Everdeen was told she had to kill people! Han Solo's own son killed him!

I don't think that consoled my characters, though.
Can't they see that I am doing this for the greater good?
I guess not.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Forest of Treachery

What are words?
Words are an illusive creature, and they dwell in the forest of distraction. The forest of distraction, a dark and treacherous place,  is always inadvertently right where you don't need it to be. In between beginning and ending.
It shapeshifts- oftentimes it is not a forest at all, but rather a post on social media, or perhaps a strange
Little being noticed fleetingly by your eye, causing your mind to Focus in, and your eyes Focus with it. It may take you hors to realize that indeed, it was only a round little bird, grabbing a worm from the folds of earth would you hose, enjoying nature's true bounty. The worm, which cannot scream, as it is mouthless, gives up its life to satisfy the hunger of the bird, and therefore save its brethren.

 Where was I? Ah yes, the land of PinkJunkJune. It is always June. The sky is pink. There is junk. That about sums it up. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is no Star Wars there. How depressing. Never vacation there.

A good place to vacation is Jakku. Warm, sandy beaches, bright sunny days... And only a little false advertising.
Maybe a lot of false advertising. More like selective truth-tellung.

Back to distractions.

Lego videos on YouTube are distractions.
Internet is also a distraction.

Butterflies are... What was I saying?

Most random post ever.

Here's my novel synopsis!

13-year-old Harper doesn't really ask for things- life just seems to give them to her. So when her financially struggling aunt and uncle move in with her family, her prodigal brother returns with his fiance, a mysteriously kind boy moves in next door, and childhood enemies come back- well, it's no wonder she goes off into outer space sometimes. Outer space seems like the perfect escape. There are no people there, no emotions there, and thus, no problems- or so she thinks. When a sudden tragedy strikes, can her family pull her out of outer space? And when it matters most, will she realize that she needs people- emotions- and even problems?



Monday, November 14, 2016

Rivers Update and Night Photography

I experimented with some bulb photography...
What do you guys think?

AND I GOT RIVERS A NEW WIG! It looks sooo much better than the old one. Her face mold still isn't my favorite... and the pictures aren't great, as I was babysitting when I took them and thus couldn't devote my full attention to the camera... LOL.

I love her little shoes... and the jacket is so cool!

And guys, I was thinking of scrapping ~Lost~... is that okay? LOL

does anybody even read these messages?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Two Dolls with Pens: Naomi Writes.

Dear Molly,
I've been adopted! Ms. Dai-Mom, that is, says she will make me an image for these posts soon.
I'm trying out for the Dollympics! I'm so nervous and excited. Do you think I can do it? I'm terrified- what if I can't?

What if I fall? Then all of Molly's ninja stuff will be wasted.
Molly says for me to tell you it wasn't wasted, because people got to see how awesome her ninja skills are.

You can laugh now, she can't hear you. 

So, your mom is giving away a whole doll? I know lots of people are excited for that. Mom would love to win, and she already has... how many of us are there?
Well, all that to say, I can imagine that anyone without a doll would love this a thousand times more than Mom. 

Do you have any tips for Dollympics? I've been told that the competition is fierce.

Mom is fostering yet ANOTHER kid. Her name is Rivers, and she's very fun. She is into hairstyling and cooking. Molly is already making Rivers make cookies, and Harriett is making Rivers do her hair.

Well, I've gotta go- we're going to the store to get Molly some more chocolate for NaNo survival.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

NaNoReveal 1

The moment you've all been waiting for...
My first NaNo Reveal.

A paragraph?
Yes. A paragraph!

  I didn't ask for them to move here. I didn't ask for them to treat me like this. I've noticed, though, that life has a nasty way of giving you just what you don't ask for. This, I've found, is something I 'just have to deal with.'
  There are  a lot of things I just have to deal with. Apparently they are one of those things. I just have to deal.
  It feels like my mom is constantly telling me to deal. Sometimes, though, I'm not sure what that means. I'm not sure how to just deal. 
  Anyways, in the scheme of life, I'm never the one dealing the cards. It seems like some unseen person is dealing the cards, and everyone has more than me. Then we sit down to play. I ask what we're playing, and they reply "schmmpff." I don't know how to play "schmmpff." No one will teach me how to, either. 

Well America, the election is over. Finally. I dreamed that the candidates died, at one point, and we had to start over.
d Clinton died

Saturday, November 5, 2016

You Know It's NaNo When....

You're researching strange things.

My more recent searches: 'Cool-sounding astronomy words that start with a cool letter', 'GlitterForce vs. PreCure', 'Cool names that start with a J for dudes'

You're procrastinating by watching movies.
My more recent watches: 9 Lives, Finding Dory

You're eating a strange amount of Almond Joys and Altoids.

You're spending way too much time on social media.

And you're not actually getting much writing done.

This, my friends, is writing a novel.
Er, well, actually, it's not writing a novel, it's just those unwanted side affects of writing a novel. ;)
Writing is fun, isn't it?

I want to learn how to draw chibi. *attempts* *fails* *feels dorky* *sighs* *tries again* *fails more* *tries again* *fails* *sighs* *writes blog posts*

Friday, November 4, 2016

Announcing.... Wait, If I Told Ya'll, It Would Ruin the Surprise!

Number one, go over to Madi's blog and watch this video to enter this giveway to win...

(used with permission)

I love Madi's blog, and I know you will too, if you haven't visited it already. (WHAT? YOU HAVEN'T VISITED IT ALREADY? AHHHHH! REMEDY THAT ASAP!)

Now... You're looking at the title, wondering what/who I'm announcing, and being all-around curious. Right?


First some background info.

I'm visiting my grandma, and we go into a thrift store. We're walking around, and I see some Build a Bears. Now, I love Build a Bears. I'm digging through, looking at the cute stuffies. Then I see...
a doll?

Her wig cap was almost coming off. She had nail polish all over her. But something in her eyes looked so sweet and pensive.

Then I found out she was a dollar.
Happy dance.

First I cute her hair.
Then I died it.
Then I glued it back on.
I worked on her face
I scrubbed nail polish off of her.
I put her in clothes.
I bought her an umbrella.

I present to you:

Rivers Leighann Witmer, our newest foster kid.

:) :)

And I'm not done yet!

I'm planning on purchasing some more wigs for her... what do you guys think?

Do you like Rivers?
Do you like her freckles?
Her blue hair?