Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Is NaNo?

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NaNoWriMo. I'm sure you've heard of it. Don't confuse it with NaPoWriMo.
Every November, millions of people around the world go entirely insane, lock themselves up in their bedrooms, and create accounts on one of these  sites.

Because it's National Novel Writing Month.

We're all writing novels. (In a month!)
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You should do it.

On the adult site, your goal is 50,000 words.Which is a lot. You can write it wherever you please. On notebook paper, on Google Docs, on Word... you could even write on the great app called Werdsmith. May I suggest the app A Novel Idea for outlining?

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On the Young Writer's Site, or YWP, you set your own goal.  You can write anywhere, of course, but this year you can write it on the site,a convenience not had previously.

NaNo is a GREAT opportunity to accomplish something amazing. It'll give you bragging rights for eternity, you know?


So. Who's doing it? Who isn't?

EDIT: I apologize to house elves everywhere for my former title.


  1. I won't be doing NaNo this year (too much school) but I may attempt it next year. :D
    Also I love your title. XD

    -Clara <3

  2. I'm doing it on the regular site! :D

  3. THAT explains! That's so awesome! I'm totally going to try to do that and look it up and all!!!

  4. NaNo, oh NaNo... I wish I was doing it, but I'm not. :P


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