Friday, October 21, 2016

Diving Right In To NaNo: The Winter Tribes

Hello, fellow writers! I thought I'd start a tag called Diving Right Into NaNo. If you want to participate, I'd love to hear about your novel! I recommend that you use Canva if you want to make an image like mine. 


Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Plot: Ashe and Rose, two sisters different as night and day. A Prophecy has spoken: Death of Ash, rise of light. Death of Day, rise of light. Ashe has been told all her life that she is promised to the Winter Tribes, the ones of the North. Her parents, however, are working as hard as they can to make it not work. However, when a note from their leader, Red Greenson (which is his name until further notice) arrives. It says that they will raid their village unless they get Ashe. Ashe's parents say they'll fight, but Ashe knows there will be less bloodshed if she leaves.

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Whilst there, she encounters two witches, a good one and a bad one. The bad witch's only purpose in life is to hurt Ashe, because of a crazy backstory I'm still working on. The  good witch tells Ashe to embrace her destiny and become Queen of Winter.

That's only part of the adventure! I'm so excited for NaNo this year!


  1. Wow! Super cool, AA!

  2. Hey, I've heard a lot about NaNo but I haven't quite pieced together everything.. Do you mind explaining? :) Thanks! It sounds really interesting (I love writing)!
    ~ LIght4theLord


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