Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Thanks, Kell, for letting me post this two days late!

((Note to Kell: Zeph sneaked in and decided to comment on her answers.... ooopssss...))

((Just a quick note from the author: I had to babysit Adele. My babysitting is in italics and [brackets], just so you know.))
Q: Hi! Introduce yourself:
A: Oh. Just like that? Okay. Well, I'm Adele Collier.
[Adele, that's not a proper answer. Tell the nice people a little about yourself!]
What do you want me to tell them? I like cheese. How's that?
[First, you don't like cheese, and second -]
I do too like cheese! You don't know everything about me.
[Okay. So you like cheese. But tell the readers about your ... hobbies.]
*disgusted sigh* Fine. I enjoy ... flowers.
[What's up with you? You're usually so extraverted!]
Well, you've kind of put me on the spot, Kell!
[We're not on a nickname basis, Della.]
Zeph: What kind of a  nickname is Della?
Q: How old are you?
A: Let me see. Well, I ... I used to be twenty-two. That seems like a good age. Let's say I'm twenty-two. Which would mean I'd of had Judy when I was sixteen, but you know what, that's plausible, so let's go with that.
[She's twenty-nine.]
Oh, shut up.
Zeph:  twenty-nine? The oldest person I know is 17!
Q: What's your favorite color, and why?
A: Blue. *walks away*
[Adele, get back here! You didn't answer the entire question!]
'Why' doesn't really matter, does it?
[Yes, it does. Why is blue your favorite color?]
It just is. *stubborn expression that basically means 'read the book to find out'*
Zeph: Woah, you're in a book too? No way.
Q: What's your favorite emotion and why?
A: Love. Love is a lot of fun.
Zeph: Love? Am I jumping in on a romance book? If so.... I could still leave...
((Me: YAY!))
Zeph:  Nevermind.
Q: Which emotion do you lock away most? Why?
A: I think I'm pretty open with my emotions.
[Love ...]
You really like ruining this for me, don't you?
Zeph: Yes. Wait, you weren't talking to me...
Q: Frogs... or salamanders?
A: Erm, neither! They're both disgusting!
Zeph: Frogs are cool. Especially those ones that ribbit for hours and hours....
Q: Do you know the language of flowers?
A: Yes, I do; very well, actually. *hands a petunia*
[No, she doesn't really resent you; she's just being difficult!]
Ignore her! I'm being forced into this interview against my will! That stupid book of yours is humiliating, Miss Roth, and I won't have it published!
[It already is published!]
Shh, we don't want them to know! They might go buy it!
Q: Favorite book?
A: Just ... one? *gulps* Perhaps ... well,
Persuasion is absolutely heartbreaking.
Q: Favorite type of cat?
A: There are types of cats?
[Just choose your favorite look if you can't choose a breed.]
Why would anyone breed cats? *confusion* As far as looks, I've always been partial to tabbies.
Zeph: Who came up with these questions?!
Q: Dogs or cats?
A: Cats! Dogs eat things, I've discovered. Clothes, jewelry, family heirlooms ...
Q: Nosy neighbors... or distant relatives?
A: Nosy neighbors! Distant relatives are ... *can't find words to describe frustration*
Q: Favorite type of clothing? And why?
A: Sparkly!
What? That's a type ...
Q: Dream job?
A: I have my dream job, working as a florist.

Zeph: You grow flowers for a living?
Q: Favorite inspirational quote?
A: I hate inspirational quotes.
[Once again, ADELE!]
Okay, fine. "Life is a bowl full of cookies."
[That ... isn't a quote, and it doesn't make sense.]
It is now, and it does if I say it does.
[I'm going to take the microphone away from you before something bad happens ...
Anyway, bye, y'all! Say good-bye, Adele.]

Au revoir; may we never meet again! DON'T YOU DARE BUY THAT BOOK!

Zeph: I'll totally go buy that book!


  1. Ah, Zeph's comments are fun! :)

  2. Awww, lol! I love these posts! They are so entertaining. :)

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