Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Hey there! I'm doing TIWC, and I'm here with a story! The prompts are in BOLD. I changed one of them to fit my story better.


A girl looks out the window, tearstains on her face. I look at her, my sister, and wonder why it has to be this way. Me, the strong one, just because I'm older. Me, the leaving one, just because of a promise.

My mother promised me to a girl, one who used to be her friend, one who she would have gladly let me visit... but, sadly, as it is in our land, friends are always broken apart.

Such is the case with me and my sister.

She turns to me, her light brown hair falling, the light of a sinking sun catching it and causing it to shine with an ambient glow. I shake my head, my long braid shaking with it. "I can't stay, Kora. I mus go."

She nods dutifully, then whispers the unwhisperable, the one thing the law forbids us to ever say:

"I will see you again."

I took a step back. "Uh.." I said, fumbling for the doorknob. "I gotta go."

My sister looked at me sadly as I ran away.
I heard her call out to me: "So that's what you are! A coward!"

I ran through the palace, which was dark, and dank. The palace reflects the mood of those inside it, and I suppose everyone's mood was that of sorrow.

I sighed, walking out, my heart breaking. I looked up from the ground, and right into the face of the one taking me.


I'm so evil! 

My blogoversary is Thursday!!!


  1. *gasp* A cliffhanger! :O :D This was so cool! :)

  2. Wow, that was really good, AA! You ARE evil. XD


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