Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Ninjas of Time (Part 1)

I step outside- first day of Fall. The beginning of autumn. The Fall Equinox. 

I step out into the sunlight,and feel the cool autumn-

"Holy taco! It's hot out here!" I exclaim, as sweat begins to form on my forehead.

I take off my black ninja jacket and throw it on the ground.
Much better.

I sit on the bench, and try to think about how I, Molly, Ninja of Time, should use my... well, my time.

I swing back and forth, bored out of my mind.

End of Fall. Where on earth did summer go? 

That was when I heard the sound of tears. I pinpointed the exact coordinates of
the person in distress...

....and swung to them with all my might!

Kind of. It took me a few tries.

I did an awesome landing, though. 

I turned to the girl- My instincts told me her name was Naomi Christina McCarthe. Okay, I knew that already. Sheesh.

"Yesterday was my last chance to be adopted in time to try out for the Dollympics- and now, I'd give anything to try out," she said sadly.

"I just needed to turn back time."

"Oh, but you can turn back time! With the earrings of time, of course."

"My ears aren't pierced," she informed me.

"Oh. Well...."

"Let me think of another way."

"I've got it."

"We need to form a legendary team of ninjas, led by a brilliant master of the Force."

"Better known as... THE FIVE!"

"Master of the Force? Where will we find one of those?"

I stared at her, waiting for her to proclaim the obvious.

She raised her eyebrows. "You?"


"Gather the Ninjas of Time."



Have you ever met a ninja of time?

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  1. "Gather the Ninjas of Time." So awesome! LOL! I love ninjas! :D I've never met a ninja of time... unfortunately. But I'm excited for part 2!
    Poor Naomi! :( The ninja of time will save you! ;D


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