Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pen Pals (Or, Two Dolls with Pens)

This is the first part of a collab with Madi.

I, Naomi, walk out of the bathroom, ready for my first day of homeschool. (I used to be public-schooled... when I lived with my grandparents...)

Ms. Daisy read to us from the book Ten Girls Who Made a Difference. We read the first story, and then we had a discussion on how God wants us to be like the women in this book. That was neat.

Then we got to choose our reading books- and to my dismay, Izzy took the one I had wanted.

All  that was left were these. And they aren't even books.

I leaned back against the wall. I know I'll flunk out.

When I opened my eyes, Ms. Daisy was holding a piece of paper in front of me. I stared at it. She told me that instead of reading books and doing book reports, I could write letters to this girl named Molly Lorfing. I nodded, not believing my luck.

Dear Molly Lorfing,
I am your pen pal, Naomi Christina McCarthe. I'm a homeschool student of Ms. Daisy's- she's fostering me until my grandparents are found.
I'm on the short side, and I have long reddish blonde hair. It's curly and such a pain to brush. Is your hair hard to brush? I have blue eyes and I'm really pale.
My passions in life are piano and gymnastics. Do you like piano and gymnastics? Did you see Simone Biles on television? She's my hero. My region is holding tryouts for the Dollympics soon, but to enter me, Ms. Daisy would have to adopt me- and I don't think I'm ready for that. Coach Layla said I have two weeks to decide... What do you think I should do?
In my foster family, there are six sisters: Molly, Harriett, Sophia, Jenna-Grace, Isabelle, and Lucy. Then there's me and Susan- Susan's a friend of Molly's who visits often.
I like to skateboard, though Harriett says it makes me look like one of those bad kids who ride around on skateboards- I told her she was crazy.
Ms. Daisy says you have sisters, and that you made it into the Dollympics- That's awesome! Were tryouts hard?  Are your sisters as crazy as my foster sisters here are? Have you ever met a foster kid? Have ya'll ever fostered a girl?
-Naomi C.
P.S. Please write back soon.



  1. Wanna swap buttons?


  2. Yay!! This is awesome! I'll get my part up soon. I'm going to make a page for it, and it will be under "Meet the Dolls"

  3. Awesome that your dolls are pen pals! That's so cute! :)

    ginnie /

  4. My part is up!
    I made a temporary graphic for it. If you don't like it, I can make a different one. Or, if you'd prefer, you can make one. :D


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