Monday, September 26, 2016

Gray Eyes ~A Barbie Photoshoot~

.....So, yeah, titles still elude me. 
Sorry. I promise, my next post will have a better name.

Oh, by the way, does anyone remember Cindy's Sentiments?
 *laughs nervously*
 Cindy's been realllyyy busy... Okay, okay, I forgot about it. 

....Her feet...


So.... probably not my best photoshoot, but I liked it enough to post it. I was planning on doing Ninjas of Time, Part 2, but I realized I may need a few more photos for that....


  1. I was wondering but do you want to swap buttons?!
    kaitlynrh1 from Kaits AG Crafts

  2. I love the bokeh in the background! These are super pretty! :D

  3. OOH! Pretty pictures! That Barbie is so cute!:)


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