Sunday, September 18, 2016

Eight Things That Confused Me About Beauty and the Beast

1. Okay, so the enchantress says he has until his 21st birthday. But then later, the clock (I can never remember his name) says that it's been a long ten years.
So, the prince was eleven?!

2. If he was eleven, and it turns out he was, then where were his parents? And the other people of the kingdom? Where were they?!

3. So, if the maids turned into furniture, then the furniture must have turned into people, right?

4. Where'd the people in Belle's village come from?!

5. If they were in France, how come so many of them weren't French?

6. Was the flower embodying the curse? Or was it a symbol, and the curse was really inside the Beast himself?

7. So, the teacups could move... and they look kinda squishy. Who wants to drink out of a squishy cup? Maybe they aren't really squishy. But then how would their faces move? Maybe it was just their faces.

8. Belle has the horse while she's with the Beast. Then did her father walk home? Doesn't seem like the sensible thing to do...

But I did enjoy re-watching it. I just had those questions. I guess I overthink things sometimes.
Whaaat? Me, overthink things? neeeeeeveeer.


  1. This happens with me too, except it was with tangled (which is like one of my favorite movies but I usually get very technical with every movie I see)

    1. The same thing to you happened to me, but with Sleeping Beauty.

  2. Lol! This is pretty funny but I do get your point! I thought about this myself after reading it

  3. LOL! I tend to overthink things and get very technical, too. ;)

  4. Overthinking- I do that so much! I never thought of that stuff... :)
    ~ Light4theLord


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