Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crossed Over ~A Poem~

Little one, don't run,
Don't try to hide;

The scary things are there, outside.

And though you try to,
little do you know,

When you really have to face it you'll cower and cry.

Someday when you've crossed over

from one world to another-

left the world of safety for a world of hate and torture.

Then you'll realize,

with the breaking of your heart,
that jumping through that portal tore your whole self apart.

You've left the land of magic,
of kindness, flower blooms-

to join a society of gory death and doom.

No longer will the stars touch your cheek,
but you will be the Small One still, small and weak.

The others will laugh, but really
they're just trying their best to stay alive.

And my heart breaks for you my dear...
For now you try to get back here

but the portal is closed, though it remains in your heart.

The portal is there, under tears and snow,

maybe someday it will wake up, and you'll know.

But really, that Paradise where you were safe,

you'll find it again someday, when your earthly body lies in

For now you've crossed over,
and there's no going back,

it's a race to the finish,

and you cannot turn Time back....


Sorry it's so grainy... our Internet is being  awful.


  1. Wow- that's really good! Great job!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. You are amazing at writing poetry! This is great!! :D

  3. *squeals* GREAT JOB!!! :D

  4. LOVE IT! You never cease to impress me Daisy

  5. Also, I hope your throat gets better!


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