Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thanks, CDN!

So, a little while ago, I won CDN's Summer Photo Contest- and the package arrived today!

Thanks again, CDN! We love the outfit!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NaNo Prep!

..... As much NaNo Prep as I ever do, of course.


As a pantser, I don't believe in planning. I mean, Planning? *shudders*

But, to all you planners, I'm sure your way works too. I just can't do that.


Image result for laptop illustration simple

Ready the devices!

I need everything to be in working condition so I can write whenever and wherever!


Image result for chocolate illustration

Mmm. Buy some chocolate.


Image result for stack of books


I'm thinking some Warriors, a dash of Gail Carson Levine, some Jerry Spinelli, and some Cornelia Funke ought to do the trick.


Image result for "imessages" nano wri mo

Message my friends with lots of NaNo randomness.


Image result for stare at blank screen

Stare at blank screen. It's good practice. I'll be doing a lot of this in November.


Okay, seriously, I will do more prep then that... But really, that's mainly how I prep.

I hope you enjoyed!

TIWC........ Illusion Eluded.

Sorry I missed the last two challenges! I wasn't feeling well. But here is my story.....

Illusion Eluded

Black hair.
Grey eyes.
This photograph, this image, is all I have.

All I know is her name, Myra, and my name. Conor.

I have a few faint memories. 

There's a sunset.

A.. a sword...

a lighthouse...

But wait... there's something else.

A conversation...

"Traitor!" she had shouted at me, her black hair blowing back in the wind. 
"Myra, they were going to betray us! So I had to betray them first."
She shakes her head, tears in her eyes. "You're wrong.

She said I was a traitor. Maybe I was, I guess. But I just did what I had to do.

I've tried so hard to convince myself that it is all a dream. All I nightmare, All an illusion, that maybe, somehow, I don't exist, she doesn't exist, and I never betrayed anyone.

But, then again, who am I kidding?

I'm real.
She's real.
The betrayal?

Oh yeah. How could it be anything but?


I'm awful.

Can't say that I'm sorry for breaking your heart....

But I do have another post planned for tonight!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Gray Eyes ~A Barbie Photoshoot~

.....So, yeah, titles still elude me. 
Sorry. I promise, my next post will have a better name.

Oh, by the way, does anyone remember Cindy's Sentiments?
 *laughs nervously*
 Cindy's been realllyyy busy... Okay, okay, I forgot about it. 

....Her feet...


So.... probably not my best photoshoot, but I liked it enough to post it. I was planning on doing Ninjas of Time, Part 2, but I realized I may need a few more photos for that....

Sunday, September 25, 2016

We Have Our Winner!





Orleans, please comment down below with your email address. I have comment moderation on, so no one but me will see it. If you do not leave it with 10 days, we will have to draw another winner.

Thanks to all who entered! Looking forward to next time!

Let's go to the Pond! Come along there's no place better! You're an original but you still belong with the creatures and friends you'll find down at the Pond!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Ninjas of Time (Part 1)

I step outside- first day of Fall. The beginning of autumn. The Fall Equinox. 

I step out into the sunlight,and feel the cool autumn-

"Holy taco! It's hot out here!" I exclaim, as sweat begins to form on my forehead.

I take off my black ninja jacket and throw it on the ground.
Much better.

I sit on the bench, and try to think about how I, Molly, Ninja of Time, should use my... well, my time.

I swing back and forth, bored out of my mind.

End of Fall. Where on earth did summer go? 

That was when I heard the sound of tears. I pinpointed the exact coordinates of
the person in distress...

....and swung to them with all my might!

Kind of. It took me a few tries.

I did an awesome landing, though. 

I turned to the girl- My instincts told me her name was Naomi Christina McCarthe. Okay, I knew that already. Sheesh.

"Yesterday was my last chance to be adopted in time to try out for the Dollympics- and now, I'd give anything to try out," she said sadly.

"I just needed to turn back time."

"Oh, but you can turn back time! With the earrings of time, of course."

"My ears aren't pierced," she informed me.

"Oh. Well...."

"Let me think of another way."

"I've got it."

"We need to form a legendary team of ninjas, led by a brilliant master of the Force."

"Better known as... THE FIVE!"

"Master of the Force? Where will we find one of those?"

I stared at her, waiting for her to proclaim the obvious.

She raised her eyebrows. "You?"


"Gather the Ninjas of Time."



Have you ever met a ninja of time?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crossed Over ~A Poem~

Little one, don't run,
Don't try to hide;

The scary things are there, outside.

And though you try to,
little do you know,

When you really have to face it you'll cower and cry.

Someday when you've crossed over

from one world to another-

left the world of safety for a world of hate and torture.

Then you'll realize,

with the breaking of your heart,
that jumping through that portal tore your whole self apart.

You've left the land of magic,
of kindness, flower blooms-

to join a society of gory death and doom.

No longer will the stars touch your cheek,
but you will be the Small One still, small and weak.

The others will laugh, but really
they're just trying their best to stay alive.

And my heart breaks for you my dear...
For now you try to get back here

but the portal is closed, though it remains in your heart.

The portal is there, under tears and snow,

maybe someday it will wake up, and you'll know.

But really, that Paradise where you were safe,

you'll find it again someday, when your earthly body lies in

For now you've crossed over,
and there's no going back,

it's a race to the finish,

and you cannot turn Time back....


Sorry it's so grainy... our Internet is being  awful.