Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yer a Doctor, Daisy.

No, that is not a Doctor Who reference up there, although it would like to be very much, thank you. In fact, that is what I told myself today. When I challenged myself to save this poor thing:

Beautiful Disney Jasmine, right?


Look. It appears someone tried to pull the earring out, but pulled... it... off. *jawdrop* The other ear is very flimsy and looks as though it was pulled too..

She's had a very bad haircut, and it's oily and has a sticky residue...

A  dress that I can't identify came with her. The tag says Genuine Barbie, but I don't know which set it came with.  If anyone knows, *please* notify me in the comments!

She has click knees, but... they're eh.... broken. The third click doesn't stay and one leg is warped beyond repair.

Her hand looks like it is straight from a horror movie. I mean... surely she wasn't attacked, right?

She also has black spots on her hands...

And... this on her legs...

She has this, and it continues all the way to the front, and.... er, her underwear have been painted on. So, not the best doll in the world. But, I am a Doctor. (Not a Time Lord, sadly, or a Witch.) 

But I can fix this!

(Right? Oh, what am I saying, it'll be fine. Maybe)



  1. Poor doll! If you try to fix her, will you post before and after pics? Feel better, you poor dolly! LOL!

  2. We have that Barbie dress too. Sadly, I have no idea where it came from either. Feel better Jasmine! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Too bad! I'll have to do some research! :)


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