Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meet 'the Ruler Adnerb'

This is an interview my characters are doing with the bad guy. How fun! *mwahahahaha*

Lyri: Hi, Ruler. So, none of us like you because you're evil, so we're just gonna ask- why are you evil?

Adnerb: Becausssse I am.

Zeph: Let me take a stab at it, Lyri. Why d'ya wear that black cloak?

Adnerb: Becaussse I do.

Image: Aw, I am tryin' now, 'cuz none of you can do it. Why do you call us freaks?

Zeph: Betcha a dollar he says, 'Becausssse you are.'

Adnerb: Becauuussee you are.

Zeph: Nailed it.


Zeph: Maybe I like nowhere.

Image: You be quiet.

Adnerb: I hate all thiisssss conssstant chatter. It isss ssssooo annoying.

Mugi: That's the point.

Aiden: It 'isssss'?

Adnerb: You are making fun of me. And my hissssssssss.

All: Noooo, never....

Adnerb: Why.... why?

Lyri: (whispering) He's a 'sssssnake', haha.

Zeph: (trying not to laugh) (coughing to cover it) I... like your... 'cassstle'.

Adnerb: (pulling out sword) I hate you guyssssss.

Hahahahahah. I love doing things like that.

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