Monday, August 8, 2016

Collision: Part 1

Collision: Moon Landing

She walked out the door, into the soft morning air. She looked at the sky, still dark, a slight tinge of the sun's fire on the outside edges of the far-away horizon. Her feet met with the soft tendrils of the spring grass, just sprung the day before. They were wet, with what most call dew; she knew, though, that they were tears.

She looked up, into the sky, just beginning to turn blue, and saw it. The moon was slowly retreating, into its hiding spot- his hiding spot.

For yes, her brother Collin was the moon.

She blinked back her own tears, and reached to the ground and touched his. She pressed her wet fingertips to her pale cheek. Her dress, which was far too cheerful, was a sunny shade of lemonade yellow.

She looked back up. She flashed back to when her father the magician had imprisoned him.

"No!" she had shouted, flinging her arms around her older brother's neck. Her father had snapped his fingers, sending her flying backwards. Her father laughed now, cold, chilling. He pointed at Collin, and Collin had dissapeared. 

She sighed, and heard her father calling her. 
"Cassie!" he yelled, and she knew it was an order.

Cassie walked back to the palace, wondering when this nightmare would end.



  1. Omg I love this! This is a great way to start a story! I can't wait to read more


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