Wednesday, August 10, 2016

10 Things Writers Wish You Knew

1. Most of the time, we have no clue what we're doing.
2. No, it is not easy, and no, you probably couldn't do it and stick with it. Sheesh, it is work. 
4. It's all boredom and blandness until you decide a character has to die. Mwahaha.
5. Some people can write... and some people... well, let's just say, they can put words on paper. There's a difference.
6. You can always learn something while you're writing. For instance, I'm researching how paralyzed people went to the bathroom and took baths in 1931. Very interesting. At one point, I learned that Monopoly wasn't around in 1916. Go figure.
7. We don't just laze around watching TV all day- and the days we do, notice that we take notes on the plot. Yeah. 
8. I have to force myself to write, even though I'm often convinced that what I'm doing is utter garbage.
9. It's not just scientists and teachers and doctors who are geniuses. Look at War and Peace, man. Look at Harry Potter. Now tell me writers aren't geniuses- See? You can't.
10. Yes, I am staring at you. Be nice, and I'll make you the main character. Be mean, I may kill off the character based off of you. So, yeah.

Have you ever seen those, 'Ten Reasons Why' or 'Ten Things You Didn't Know' things? Well, authors deserved one. Comment and share if you relate.



  1. Oh, yes! I totally relate! Especially to the one about asking us what our story is about! Not only is it hard to come up with what it's about, it's also embarrassing- at least for me sometimes.;P Great post, AA, and I love the new theme or whatever it's called on your blog...I'm having trouble remembering..XD

    1. Lol yessss

      Thanks! I also don't know what it is called

  2. CutePolarBear8/11/16, 8:35 AM

    Number one is accurate... like really accurate. And #5, and #6. :D I'm writing a book based in 1930. I don't know anything about that time period!! And yet I'm still writing about it. :P
    Ooh, how did paralyzed people go to the bathroom and take baths in 1931? I'm very interested in details like that. XD


  3. I can totally relate to #7! Whenever our family sits down to watch a show together for a movie night, I am always stealing quotes and lines and noticing how they did the plot and the climax and the build. LOL! This was really funny, Daisy!


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