Wednesday, August 31, 2016


'Ello! I'm running for the blogger president! Vote for me, because...

Just read my reasons HERE

(I'm going to do a new blog design, and it's going to look like that^. Somehow.)


Sunday, August 28, 2016

An Updates Post

About time for an updates post... as much as I hate writing them....

So, the first thing I have to say, is CHECK OUT THIS GIVEAWAY. Okay, now....

I was thinking about getting on a posting schedule, but I... well, I detest schedules. Really, I like to be able to flit around and just randomly post (or read, or dance, or whatever it is I'm doing) without checking my schedule. But, of course, your thoughts?

I'm considering changing the layout... again... XD.

So, those of you who design blogs, your thoughts? What can I do better? Worse? What am I doing right?


NaNo prep is just around the corner! You know what that means?

I'm having ideas for stories!

I'm thinking I'll either write about my grandfather, or I might write about magical squirrels.... And I'm being serious.


My blogoversary is just around the corner- what do you all think I should do?

Anyways, may the Force be with you this Sunday. Jesus loves you. :D


Friday, August 26, 2016

An Ode of Farewell.

Dearest iPhone 3,
I shalt miss thee;
'Twas fate that led our paths to meet;
you survived so long, it was quite a feat.
Now thine time is truly done;
I'll have to got another phone-
iPhone 4, hellooo to thee!
Thou shalt be my phone, you see.

I got a 'new' phone today....
my old one has sadly said farewell.

Goodbye, iPhone 3GS. I miss you already.


The Character Creation Tag

Rules: Answer ALLLL these questions, link back to the one who nominated you (THANKS, Anika!), and nominate ten more people. Questions in bold, answers in normal, and character's responses in italics.

5′ 10″
I have nothing to say.
Ah. Lovely.
Age in story:
Cyphrenia, Zyaid
Wonderful place. No one liked me.
Yeah... about that... it's my fault...
Hair color, length, style:
He has short black hair. His hair is flat and falls in his face constantly.
Haircuts are hard to come by in magical worlds.
Cyphren? But none of you know what that means... just take my word for it, he's Cyphrenian.
Accent: (include voice, style of speech, slang, signature phrases or words)
He has a deep voice, and he's really quiet. He doesn't say much, actually.
That's not true.
That is one of the longest sentences you've ever said.
Erm. In my story, they have God, but they call the 'Christians' the 'Lights'. 
Scars or other notable physical attributes:
He has a scar on his arm, but... really, that only is there in book two, soooooo....
There's a book two?
Why must you torture me?
Handicaps: (emotional, physical, mental)
Er.... well... I really can't say, it effects the series too much.
That makes me nervous.
Athletic? Inactive? Overall health?
He.... he isn't athletic but he's fighting in a war, so...
Wait, war?
With dragons.
Style of dress:
He wears... mostly black, actually. Pants and shirts. And shoes.
Favorite colors:
How does the character feel about his/her appearance?
He... doesn't. :s
The writer is correct.
He currently has a twin sister named Birch.
Wait, currently? That means I'll find more, right, and not that she'll disappear or something?
Hey, he says more when he's scared! I should scare him more often!
Relationship with parents:
Hehehe. They disowned him and his sister when they were born becasue twins are considered a sign of evil in their culture.
*evil glare*
Can't say that I'm sorry for breaking your heart/ but it don't matter, it clearly hasn't torn you apart-
Memories about childhood:
Being ignored by everyone- he was shunned. 
No words at all now?
Educational background: (street smart? Formal? Does he/she read?)
He was educated, as all Cyphrenians are.
Very good education. Useless, but good.
Work experience:
Uh... he's been to war. Well, he will have been soon.
So I survive.
You do.
Who doesn't?
Uhhhhh... moving on.
Nothing, currently.
Where does the character live now? Describe home (emotional atmosphere as well as physical)
He currently lives in a 'lean-in' in the forest by a castle. They're about to go to war, so the atmosphere is very grim.
Neat or messy?
Women friends/men friends:
His sister, Birch. Everyone else is filed under acquaintances.  And enemies.
Well, Lyri's nice.
Really? You think so? Should I write more scenes with you two talking?
If I would have to talk, no.
This answer is unavaliable.
I had a spider once.
Enemies? Why?
Uhm, most people, because they're all mean to him.
Personality traits (shy, outgoing, domineering, doormat, honest, kind, sense of humor):
Quiet. Kind. Quiet. Did I mention quiet? Oh, and honest.
I don't think you like me.
Yes I do.
Strongest trait:
Oh, that's nice.
Weakest trait:
He... tends to... occasionally... when he's upset... disappear for long periods of time, slay dragons, and ignore his friends.
Wait, what?
What does the character fear?
What is the character proud of?
His flying skills.
What is the character ashamed of?
Uh.. nothing, yet.
Outlook on life (optimistic, pessimistic, cynic, idealist)
pessimistic, lately.
Untrue. Wait, no...
To be accepted.
*walks away*
How does the character see himself/herself?
He sees himself as useless.
How is the character seen by others?
Huh. Who knew?
Do you like this person? Why or why not?
Sometimes I don't- he's hard to write. Because I myself am talkative.
I'm difficult.
Will readers like or dislike?
I don't know....
I'm hurt.
Most important thing to know about this character:
He'll do anything to help his sister.
Present problem:
Evil guy. war. rain. 'Nuff said.
How it will get worse:
Wait and see...
What is the character’s goal in the story?
To save the world.
I'm not ambitious at all.
That was sarcasm, right?
What's sarcasm?
What traits will help/hurt the character in achieving this goal?
You'll see...
What makes the character different from similar characters?
He's so quiet... and kind... the only other dude is loud... and he's... where'd I put him? 
I don't like him.
You'll be best friends eventually.
No, seriously.
Why will readers remember this character vividly?
Well, you tell me, just from what you've read here.

Say bye, Aiden!
*walks off*
I nominate:


Sunday, August 21, 2016


I present, the Fangirl's Blessing:

May the Force be ever in your favor
may the telephone boxes be placed strategically;
may Aslan smile upon you,
and may you only drink blue milk.
May you fall down the rabbit hole,
and find yourself in the Shire,
where you shall learn Magyk.
may the Basilisk's eyes never meet yours,
and may the pen scratch and
paper rustle
sound pleasant to you
all of your days-
because the chicken didn't cross the road.
May you live long and prosper,
and never forget that the answer to life is 42-
because cats
and bowties

May it be upon us all.

cute fan pretty crazy laughing
via giphy


Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Revelation of the Title

*listen to the Star Wars opening music while reading this for full affect*

Daisy Ferrell, a yet-unpublished wannabe author, is on the run! As Darth WritersBlock seeks her out to steal her of all inspiration, she continues to fight for her cause- the yet-un-named novel. Yet the Bloggers of the Blogosphere have suggested many suitable monikers, and a name has finally been settled on-
yet can she stick with this plot long enough to finish it?
Still aboard the Millennium Computer, she sends out the message no one's been waiting for-
the wonderful, amazing...

Yes, my friends, I have chosen a title, and the lovely Zoie of the YWP has designed me an amazing cover- which may or may not be final...

Thanks to Zoie! :D It's amazing! I LOVE it!

Her shop, ClearWaterCovers, is a division of NaNo Awesomeness.

Oh, did I forget the back cover?

Orion's Landing back cover

:D If you see this twice, I'm putting it on the official author blog too. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks again to Zoie for making this utter epicness. 0o0


Friday, August 19, 2016

BIBPC Entry!

please don't be late

I spent a whole lotta money to get JG, but it was totally worth it!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Beating Rain

the rain beats
like a tribal drum,
at a celebration march.
the thunder crashes,
the lighting cracks
like a giant whip across the sky.
all of humanity's hearts beat
following the rain
one endless tune
all the days
of our lives.
beat harder,
beat faster,
beat like you've never beat before.


A Cool Giveaway I Found!

We've all seen these cuties...

but how many of us have one?

Hopefully one more after this giveaway!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yer a Doctor, Daisy.

No, that is not a Doctor Who reference up there, although it would like to be very much, thank you. In fact, that is what I told myself today. When I challenged myself to save this poor thing:

Beautiful Disney Jasmine, right?


Look. It appears someone tried to pull the earring out, but pulled... it... off. *jawdrop* The other ear is very flimsy and looks as though it was pulled too..

She's had a very bad haircut, and it's oily and has a sticky residue...

A  dress that I can't identify came with her. The tag says Genuine Barbie, but I don't know which set it came with.  If anyone knows, *please* notify me in the comments!

She has click knees, but... they're eh.... broken. The third click doesn't stay and one leg is warped beyond repair.

Her hand looks like it is straight from a horror movie. I mean... surely she wasn't attacked, right?

She also has black spots on her hands...

And... this on her legs...

She has this, and it continues all the way to the front, and.... er, her underwear have been painted on. So, not the best doll in the world. But, I am a Doctor. (Not a Time Lord, sadly, or a Witch.) 

But I can fix this!

(Right? Oh, what am I saying, it'll be fine. Maybe)


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Smaul

It's not a haul...

It is a smaul.

I got some My Mini Mixie Q's. Are they not adorable?


*happy fangirl squeals* I am so nerdy. I'm naming him Seethreep. *adds to shelf of nerdy things*


My Mom Found This, and I Had To Post It

                              Image may contain: 1 person , text
I've got silvers and bronzes aplenty... I've got Olympic Gold medals galore....   Wouldn't you think I'm the guy, the guy who's won... EVERYTHING?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meet 'the Ruler Adnerb'

This is an interview my characters are doing with the bad guy. How fun! *mwahahahaha*

Lyri: Hi, Ruler. So, none of us like you because you're evil, so we're just gonna ask- why are you evil?

Adnerb: Becausssse I am.

Zeph: Let me take a stab at it, Lyri. Why d'ya wear that black cloak?

Adnerb: Becaussse I do.

Image: Aw, I am tryin' now, 'cuz none of you can do it. Why do you call us freaks?

Zeph: Betcha a dollar he says, 'Becausssse you are.'

Adnerb: Becauuussee you are.

Zeph: Nailed it.


Zeph: Maybe I like nowhere.

Image: You be quiet.

Adnerb: I hate all thiisssss conssstant chatter. It isss ssssooo annoying.

Mugi: That's the point.

Aiden: It 'isssss'?

Adnerb: You are making fun of me. And my hissssssssss.

All: Noooo, never....

Adnerb: Why.... why?

Lyri: (whispering) He's a 'sssssnake', haha.

Zeph: (trying not to laugh) (coughing to cover it) I... like your... 'cassstle'.

Adnerb: (pulling out sword) I hate you guyssssss.

Hahahahahah. I love doing things like that.

The Best Shoes EVER

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Print Low Top Sneaker Shoe
via famous footwear


Aren't they awesome? I'd wear them everywhere. In a house, on a louse, on a hill, on a dollar bill.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Catastrophe of Olympic Poportions

"I AM SIMONE BILES! NO, ALLY REISMAN!" shouted Naomi, just back from gymnastics.

"RUN FOR USA!" Sophia said, raising her hand in the air triumphantly.

"You guys all have it all wrong. Canada is the team with the mostest."

"Lucie is right!" said Sue, who was visiting.

"WHY TALK ABOUT RUNNING IN THE OLYMPICS.... WHEN YOU CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT?" JG yelled, throwing her arms open wide as she bounded onto the scene.

"Vote for me!"

"GO ATHENA! WE CAN WIN THE CHARIOT RACE!" Molly yelled, oblivious to the fact that everyone else stared at her.

"Molly, the Olympics has nothing to do with the Olympians," Harriett sniffed, back from tennis.


"Wait- it doesn't?!" Molly gasped in horror.

"Olympic Gymnasts RULE!" Naomi said, twirling.

"Tennis is better," Harriett said in a low tone.

"Me for Prez!"

"CANDA!" the two Canada supporters yelled.

"Gotta run fast."


Mom walked in. She stood there for a moment, taking in the chaos. 

Then she turned and walked away.

Suddenly, angelic choruses filled the air. All the girls looked up and saw Goria, most beautiful doll of the whole collection, oldest and best, and the owner of every Ken doll's heart.

"Girls, pipe down!" she said, adjusting her beautiful hair.

"Canada and the USA are both wonderful, wonderful countries,"

"All sports are okay..... and, Jenna, dear, aren't you a bit young to run for President?"

"And Molly, there's no nice way to say this, but PERCY JACKSON HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SIMONE BILES."

"Now let me go back to being haughty and beautiful."

They all looked at each other.

Then these two returned to talking about Canada's athletes,

Sophia played with a bear,

JG debated with herself,

Molly perused their mother's bookshelf,

And these two talked about Simone Biles' makeup.