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Writing Q & A-- Answers

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Remember how Loren and I had a Writing Q&A? Here are the answers!

When did you start blogging/writing?

AA: Writing... when I was 9 years old...Well, my mom says I was writing before then, so, since birth? And I started blogging a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
L: I started blogging in March 2014, but I began writing when I took an IEW class at my co-op in third of fourth grade.
Do you like to write stories, or poems better?

AA: Stories, although I don't mind writing poems.
L: Stories, definitely.
Can you change writing prompts to make them fit your story more?

AA: Totally! I'm always changing. For instance, in Loren's writing camp, I was constantly changing things to make more sense with my story.
L: Of course! Writing prompts are just meant to inspire you.
How do you get plot ideas?

AA: Hmm... I've always just ... had them. Sometimes I'll get it from something I'll hear, or a movie I'll watch, and I'll think, "They could've elaborated on that character's backstory," or, "It'd make more sense if they..." XD
L: I just sort of find them. In the shower, on the internet, in a song, in my imagination. Plot ideas are everywhere, if you look hard enough.
How do you develop your plot ideas?

AA: I let them sit for a while, then I begin writing.... I call the 'sitting' of the plots the 'schooling' of the plots.
L: Like AA, I let them sit in my mind, and I come up with different ways the story could go. Then I pick the one I like best, and just go with it.
What is your writing process?

AA: Write, write, write, break, write, eat, finish draft 1, rewrite, rewrite, break, rewrite, rewrite, begin draft 3, write, procrastinate, write.
L: I get a snack and curl up somewhere with the laptop. Then I read the last paragraph I wrote to refresh my memory and start.
How do you come up with character names?

AA: I usually use name generators, or plays on the names of people I know.... occasionally I'll pick a name I've heard and spell it backwards. :) My current character, Lyri- name generator. The antagonist, Adnerb- Brenda spelled backwards.
L: Generators like Name Generator and Fantasy Name Generators are helpful. The rest are examples from my novel, Shadow Bird: for the MC, the name Sidney came to my mind and stuck. I picked the name for her best friend, Alexis, because of it's name meaning. A girl on a message board suggested Asher. I chose the name Delilah because of the character in the Bible. I know a guy named Jax in real life. A girl in my AHG troop is named Roxanna, and I changed it to Roxann for one character. I wanted a character to have a name that started with C, so I searched it and picked Clara.
Where do you get ideas?

AA: Everywhere! Even though I am no longer on Pinterest, I still see a lot of writing prompts. I also read and watch documentaries quite a bit, so I'm always exposed to something other than my own writing...
L: Like I said a couple questions ago, everywhere. In the shower, on the internet, in a song, in my imagination.
Do you write poetry/songs in your books?

AA: I write prophecies. Does that count?
L: I write the occasional prophecy, but that's it.
How many books do you have that are unfinished?

AA: *begins counting* *cannot count*
L: HAHAHAHA. *sobs*
Do you enjoy writing fantasy or just fiction life better?

AA: Both? Does that count?
L: Fantasy. It's a nice break from ordinary life.
Why did you start your blog in the first place, and when?

AA: I started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, because my Mom said it'd give me extra credit in English. I kinda... may have... kept it up even after....
L: I started this blog in July 2015 (that's write right -- my blogiversary is coming up), because I wanted a place to post non-doll things.
Have you published a book?

AA: Not yet, but I am attempting to self-publish this month! :D
L: Sadly, no. I'm pretty sure you have to actually finish writing the book before it can be published. ;)
How often do you write?

AA: Daily? Constantly?
L: Not as much as I should. I wrote everyday during NaNoWriMo, and that was amazing, but now, I only write when I have inspiration. I'm hoping to fix that soon.
Do you come up with your title after you write the story, or before?

AA: It really depends on the story, actually. Like, my NaNo2015 project, The Yellow House? I got the title before I got the plot. My WIP, Saver still hasn't got a good title.
L: Usually, I pick a title when I just have an idea, but then change it halfway through. Shadow Bird started out as Guardian Angels.
What POV do you usually write in?

AA: I write in all POVs.... mostly third-person view though.
L: First-person is my favorite. I like getting inside the MC's head.
Have you ever written a story in the enemy's or best friend’s POV?

AA: Enemy's, yes. :) BFF's, not yet!
L: Enemy's -- sort of. Best friends -- planning on it.
Do you think you’ll do NaNoWriMo when you grow up?

AA: Uh, is Kylo Ren annoying? In other words, YES!
L: Hopefully!
What advice do you have for new NaNoers?

AA: Just keep writing, just keep writing, grow as a writer, find a NaNo Buddy.
L: Have a plan! Make a plot board before NaNo starts. Reward yourself with chocolate after every ten words.
Do you like to write in present or past tense, or both?

AA: Both. I BET NONE OF YOU KNEW THAT! Wait... you have read my blog. Oops.
L: Past tense. I've tried writing a book in present tense, but it slipped into past without me realizing.
When did you first start writing, that you can remember? Like your first story?

AA: Uh... I was 6 years old. It was about a dog named Polo... in Alaska.
L: I wrote random, one-page stories before I even knew how to spell. The first one I remember is about Amy and Jake going to Area 51. :P
What was the name of your first story?

AA: Lone Wolf: Polo 1: The Life of a Dog
L: The first story I was proud of was called . . . *dramatic music* . . . Magic in the Air.
Do you ever write stories with just animals? Like from an animal's POV?

AA: Yes, see above.
L: I don't believe so.
Do you like to write totally random things?

L: Yup. I once wrote a paragraph about how amazing meatloaf is, even though I really hate it.
AA: Do Smurfs live in mushrooms? I once wrote a story about life as my Twinkle Toes.
Do you ever draw illustrations for your writing?

L: Sometimes! I usually draw character sketches. But there's one book I'm working on called "The Nincompoop Ninjas," and I'm planning on illustrating that one.
AA: Sometimes, but I'm not very good at it, so I usually don't keep them.
Have you written fanfic? If so, what is your favorite book to fanfic about?

L: I once wrote the beginning of a Doctor Who fanfic. It was not very good.
AA: Oh, well, I like to write Warriors and Star Wars fanfictions. They don't work out the way I plan.

Readers, if you read through all that, I applaud you! The Force is with you. To read the second half, please go to Loren's blog.
Loren, I really enjoyed doing this with you! I hope we can do this again sometime. :)


  1. These answers were so fun to read!:D

  2. This was so fun to read! As a writer myself, I totally relate to all of it! :) Also, I fully believe in rewarding myself with chocolate after ever ten words, after every sentence, after every minute. LOL! Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing. Butt in Chair. That's my motto.

    ginnie /


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