Monday, July 11, 2016

Why Do I Do This?

As you all know, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month. The story is going pretty well, but there are some things I have caught myself... feeling, thinking, and wondering since I've started this endeavor.

I think in my worst moments, I may look something like this:

Image result for crying baby

In my best, I look like this:

Image result for laughing baby

I have cried writing this, because a character I haven't even introduced yet is going to die;
laughing because a character I haven't even named yet is going to help this little random secondary character;
I have sung 'A Thousand Years', 'Hello', and 'Long Live and 'Fight Song' like, a thousand million times.

I have read some of The Lost Hero and found myself comparing my WIP to this already finished novel;

I have had so many good feelings, bad feelings, and frightened feelings since writing the prologue.

I keep coming back to, Why on earth do I do this to myself?


I love the roller-coasters,
I hate the dropping fall.
I love the crazy dream-feeling,
I love it, but hate it all.

In other words, I kind of like the Writerly Feelings.

In case you don't know what I mean, I mean  these:


Yes, Loren, I stole your amazing image.

I also have to explain to people why I'm staring at them a lot.

Image result for writer funny images

That's been my thought this week. Constantly.

*sobs* I didn't know that! No one told me that!

I don't remember where the original image came from.
But whoever it was,
I thank you.
And Taylor Swift- Thanks for making a love song that sums up writing.

I made this one! :D I'm so skilled in....Microsoft Paint

Ha. That is my final image.

In short, I do this because I am a drama queen. I obviously love the "Oh! Woe is me!"

Yet I also do it for the... dare I say Sith Lord in me? "YES! KILL THEM ALL, MWAHAHA!"

Yet I also do it for the imaginary friends who I never outgrew.

I hope I have made ya'll feel better about writing... but I may have made it worse.

Now I have to go actually write. Snap.



  1. Ha ha ha! I love that image you drew. It's really funny. XD. I've compared my book to other novels too, and I have to tell myself, "Stop it! You're not even finished yet!" XD :P I'm probably not going to do NaNoWriMo, by the way, but thanks for telling me about it. :D
    P.S. Never give up writing! :D

  2. LOLOLOL! This was amazing and I totally know how you're feeling. Writer feels are the absolute worst and yet so amazing XD

  3. That was really helpful!:)


  4. Your WIP sounds like it's going . . . well. Sort of. I'm sure it's going to be great. :)

    Yeah, I've cried over my stories too.

    I love this sentence: "Yet I also do it for the imaginary friends who I never outgrew." I think you summed up what it's like to be a writer in a beautiful way. :)


    1. Thank you. *bows gracefully*

      Oh yeah, the WIP is going great.... *if you ignore the fact that my wordcount is pretty low and the odds of me reaching my WCG are 1/102993*


  5. I feel ya. Keep up the good work!


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