Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Molly's Camp Journal: Monday

Hi, all. It's me, Molly! I'm at Camp this week! This is my bunkmate, Susan. I got chosen as 'Junior Photographer' for the week! Isn't that exciting?

First things first, I went to Naomi- she was at the stables, saddling the camp horse, Midnight.

Then I went to Isabelle, who was in the Crafts Room. She was painting a wooden American Flag! Awesome. :)

She showed me the little star she made- sooo patriotic!

Then she showed me a finished flag- Cool beans!

Then I met JG, coming back from the lake.
"Yo, Molls," she said. She agreed to let me take some photos of her.

Then I checked in on Susan, who was typing up part of the camp announcements for the director. Susan loves helping people like that.

The following are the Camp's photos

Then, later, we all gathered 'round in a circle.

I held my cabin's flag,

And Cousin Jewel held her cabin's finished flag.

We all had sheets spread out to do.

"We've loved doing Land I Love- what a great theme!" Elsa exclaimed.

Jenna-Grace, in her clothes now, worked on her word search.

I colored an American Flag.

Then, of course, we all wrote a letter to Mama. :)

That night, we did an indoor fireworks experiment.
Mom came to see, too!

Aren't those awesome?
Then we had a Fourth of July party- we got to dress up.

 Naomi, or 'Super Miss America':

Isabelle, or 'Queen July'

JG, or 'Patriotic Pretty'

Moi, being 'American DreamER'

The lovely Susan, or, 'My Country is so Sweet':

As you can tell, we had a crazy amount of fun!

I'll post Tuesday's adventures later today!



  1. Looks like they're having fun!

  2. Camp looks like a blast! I loved reading what you guys were doing!:)


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