Saturday, July 30, 2016

Looking for Novel Name Ideas

Howdy! (I am a cowgirl today, XD)
So my CampNaNo novel is *practically* complete, I just need to kill off a few more people and have an epic war. :D I'm serious, those are literally on my to-do list.

It needs a name. XD I never made up a name. It needs an epically cool name, though. So I need suggestions.
But you can't suggest names if you don't know what it's about....

There's this girl named Lyri, and she wakes up from a car crash in another dimension called Zyaid (rhymes with.... dye aid?) and she meets this big cat, which leads her to the dystopian slum city of Zyphrenia.
The cat leads her down an alleyway, and in that alleyway she meets a girl named Image, finds out that the cat can talk, and encounters one of the Honored. (Honored are evil soldiers)
Image is a bounty hunter who's trying to sell Lyri to the Honored, but when she realizes that Lyri really is the Chosen One of the Mysterious Prophecy, she takes Lyri to the Revolution Camp, where she meets Zeph, who technically is the (terribly disappointing and arrogant, yet awesome) Leader of the Revolution Camp.
Zeph ends up promising to take them wherever they please on his (rusty) old boat, Orion IV. No news yet on what happened to the other III. XD
Lyri's mind gets infitrated by the Villian, though, and secretly tries to murder Zeph, Mugi (the cat), Image, and the two magical Cyphrens that end up on the boat with them.

It's weird.

Title it!

I'll choose my favorite titles, then ya'll can vote on them!



  1. Hmmm...*wracks brain*
    Here are some ideas:
    -The One Sent

    That's all I've got now...I'll let you know if I think of anything else!

  2. Here are my names:

    Lyri - The Chosen One

  3. The awful title I came up with:
    Who? What? Why?

  4. Hmm... I feel that maybe if I had more of a synopsis (like what would be on the back of the cover) and not just a run down of what happens in the book, then I could figure out some more name ideas, but here are some ideas that might work if they fit with what happens.;D
    Zyriad's Hope or The Hope of Zyriad
    The Mysterious Prophecy
    Zyriad's Chosen One
    Crash of Dimensions (because a car crash was what started her journey.;)) or it could be something like Impact of Dimensions
    And I think that's all I have. I'm not the best at coming up with names.;D I hope this helped in some way.;P

  5. Apparently my comment didn't post, but I think name it after one of the places (the ones that start with a Z and I can't spell them for the life of me right now...)

    I'm kind of just commenting on things cuz I saw your thing on LWLOF and I'm bored so..?

  6. Lyri's Journey or Finding Lyri

    I have a feeling that if you wake up from a car crash in another dimension, you haven't really woken up. Is she in a coma? Is it all a dream? Just some things I was thinking. :) Also, sometimes you don't have to have a title that makes sense until you read the story. :) For instance, maybe one of the characters does something particular or wears something, so you call the story that. Or if they spend a significant amount of time on the boat you could call it Orion's Landing or something. I called the final book of my trilogy something that no one will realize has any meaning until the finale at the end. :)

    Just some thoughts. Your story sounds interesting anyway! Great job!

    ginnie /

  7. Sorry, I was just reading the post after this, and a thought came to mind. You could call it Destined: Lyri's Journey
    You had mentioned that she was destined for greatness so I just thought, and then you could write a whole Destined series or at least a book 2. Anyway... :)

    ginnie /


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